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07/18/18 - Our first day, full of excitement!

B Watch

We arrive in Kittery, Maine. Soon after we arrive we were filed inside. We listen to the short briefing. Full of excitement we waited for our bus down to Boston. Soon to our dismay we had to load the bus and fork over our valuable electronic devices. When our first meal was pizza…

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07/13/18 - ...and this has been a day in the life of a sailor.


4:00 am - It's 4:16 am that I decide to start this log well I'm guessing that this is gonna be a long day. 6:00 am - I decided to stay up after watch. I couldn't get anymore sleep probably because the fish hold smells to the equivalent of a gorilla pit. But my sleep situation as…

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07/11/18 - Staying positive for the sake of everyone on the boat


It is now 5:31 and Lorenzo and I are up on our watch doing boat checks and making sure everything on this boat is running how it's supposed to. It's a cold morning as usual but I think I like cold mornings better than hot days. I now have some time to sit and think about how the …

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07/10/18 - Putting expectations and fears aside


Ten days in, four more to go. The food on the boat so far has surprisingly been amazing. For like the 400th time, thank you chef Brandon. A lot of the food I've eaten so far I doubt I would've eaten at home. I guess that's what living on a boat does to you. This morning I woke up…

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07/09/18 - We all came on this boat with an objective or goal


Roseway trip day # 9/14. Damn it's been 9 days and it feels like just yesterday that we were boarding the ship and sailed away from all things Boston. The day clearly went by slowly, but it was still a great day, especially getting the sails up. It was funny seeing knowledge, Bra…

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07/08/18 - The Roseway Family


Is this thing on? Oh there we go. This is Christopher on the Roseway, day 8, 3:42 pm. Returning to Boston from our destination. Today was a slow start but it was a good morning. We had Chef Brandon cooking that bomb breakfast, I mean come on chocolate strawberry pancakes, wh…

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07/07/18 - Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty

Brandyn (C-Watch)

So here we are again, writing today's ship log as a member of C watch. It's a little different this time though. I'm more experienced this time around and after failing to make it to Nova Scotia last year can fully appreciate making it to Ellis Island today. The past week has bee…

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07/06/18 - A bucket list idea come to life


With a successful anchor watch came a successful 5 hours of sleep, finally. Being on the Roseway has been a challenge both physically and mentally. The work is extensive and the people sometimes get annoying, and nerves are worked. However, this experience has ben one of my best …

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07/05/18 - The energy on this boat is infectious!

Oyster Bay, NY


Today is my fifth day being back yet again on the Roseway. The energy on this boat is always infectious and sometimes challenging to go through but better than being home. Today was good seeing everyone with a better attitude and willing to participate. For diner we had a fine la…

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