Ship's Log

Updates from World Ocean School aboard Schooner Roseway

Making New Friends: Maine Ocean School

Searsport, ME

Wednesday, September 22, 2021  Today we had an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a brand new educational partner: the Maine Ocean School, a Searsport-based magnet school that provides specialized programming for high schoolers who are passionate about the ocean. …

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Gloucester Schooner Festival 2021

Gloucester, MA

Our team just wrapped up a wonderful weekend at Gloucester Schooner Festival! It's always a treat to share Roseway with the public—and it's even more fun to do so in the company of other beautiful tall ships! Roseway arrived on Friday and took up her place at the Ocea…

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 10

Peddock Island, MA


Friday, August 13, 2021   We woke up this morning to a breakfast of bacon and pancakes. Then we did chores and raised the sails. We then motored out of Plymouth and were on our way to Boston. I went out on the headrig for the first time, which was more than a little ne…

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 9

Plymouth, MA

Grace and AJ

Thursday, August 12, 2021  We were woken up by Morgan to set up breakfast and set sail. Egg corn beef casserole with bacon cheddar biscuits is what we ate. We sailed the whole day rotating chores and getting ready for the Crew Olympics. It was the hottest day, many went…

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 8

Menemsha, Martha's Vineyard, MA


Wednesday, August 11, 2021   Today we started in the West Harbor of Fishers Island, New York where we anchored yesterday. We woke up early and raised anchor before setting the mainsail. Next, we ate a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and carrot cake muffins. After our wo…

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 7

Fishers Island, New York (Long Island Sound)

Jovany and Elian

Tuesday, August 10, 2021   Today we had banana, blueberry, and bacon pancakes with sausages for breakfast. Then we motored to Fishers Island where we learned about the movement of oysters called the Billion Oyster Project. Before that we swam in the water and did a sci…

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 6

Fishers Island, New York (Long Island Sound)


Monday, August 9, 2021   This morning we woke up and had some breakfast. And then we had to set the sails of Roseway. And then we did some navigation and steer the boat away from some lobster traps. We gybed and we sailed from Rhode Island to New York. We saw a pretty …

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 5

Third Beach, Newport, RI

Gregorio Ray Madrid-Hommes & Harry

Sunday, August 8, 2021   This morning we were awoken by a delicious breakfast of egg muffins while we were motoring to our destination. About 2 hours in, we raised the sails to keep the boat from rocking. At about 1300 we arrived at a small beach. We went ashore where …

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 4

Cuttyhunk Island, MA

Jada and Marie Liza

Saturday, August 7, 2021   This morning we had delicious french toast and bacon to prepare us to raise the anchor and set sail with no engine. Like real sailors! When we pulled up the anchor we had a lobster trap and a bunch of baby crabs and mussels tangled on it. It …

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 3

Naushon Island, Buzzards Bay

Holland and Falcon

Friday, August 7, 2021  Today we learned some quite interesting things, like knot-tying and casting a fishing line. Can't wait for the next journey on Roseway. The food was good. The weather was surprisingly nice. We went fishing today but the only thing we caught was seawe…

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