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02/13/18 - Important Community Values

Ajahni, Camila, and Brianna

My favorite activity was climbing the rig because I went so high and I could see a lot of the island from a great view. On board the Roseway I've learned that you must communicate to put up the sails and do other necessities to be able to sail good and safe. Values that…

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02/07/18 - Learning new skills and values through fun activities!

St. Croix, VI

Trevhon, Jeannia, Shenique

My most favorite activity on the Roseway is climbing the rig- I was so high and the wind was so aggressive, it was awesome! One thing I have learned about the Roseway is how important it is to practice community values while on board to work together and stay …

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01/26/18 - Busy Week aboard Roseway!

John Talaber, Program Coordinator

What an amazing week to be an educator aboard the schooner Roseway!  The week contained everything from maintenance to the ship, education programming with elementary, middle, and high school students, to some sunset sails and private events as well.  The variety and sc…

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01/10/18 - Mrs. Aldonza's Class

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

Jhaday, Nakai, Milagro, Juan, Briniqua, Shay, K'myieh, Genesis, Josiah, Kamora, Anderson, Zamouy, Naylanie

Our favorite activity that we did on the roseway is when we climbed the rig. It was very exciting!  Another activity that we really liked was the navigation routes on a compass. We learned how to use a compass rose and how to steer a boat.  We talked about buoyancy and …

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12/22/17 - Ms. Peters' Class

Jahdaysha, Ta'sha, K'manii, Luis, Malik, Michael, Samirah, Tyrone

Why we liked the World Ocean School- it was all surprising.  We learned that sailing could be complicated and fun at the same time. We really loved it.  The values that are important on the Roseway are trust, communication, and teamwork.  We use teamwork everyday p…

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12/20/17 - Ms. Roberts' 6th Grade Class

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

Leonisha, Janelis, Akirah, Niesha, Nelisha, Jaynae, Jeniya, Khamani, Kyrah, and Alicea

One of our favorite activities this week was sailing out into the ocean because we have never seen how beautiful our island looked from far away.  We had fun pulling the halyards because when we pull those, the sails go up and then we can sail out and turn back to the island…

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12/15/17 - Oakwood 2017: Appreciating the small things around us.

St. Croix, USVI

Skylar, Mason, Rodrigo, Finn, Koa, Natalie

December 15, 2017: After not getting enough sleep, we really enjoyed getting to snorkelin the morning. We swam from where we were anchored to a small islandnear our ship's mooring. During this journey we saw lion fish, aschool of flying fish, a flounder, and even a barracuda. In …

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12/14/17 - Oakwood 2017: Perspective on the affect of the Hurricanes

Christiansted, VI

Max, Anabelle, Julian, Will, Noah, Sam

December 14, 2017: At 7am the students of the Roseway are woken with the suggestion to put swimsuits on for the first boat bath in a week. Once suits are on, students fly from the deck rail into the ocean, awaiting the cleanse. Once we exited the tropical waters, w…

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12/13/17 - Oakwood 2017: Going Aloft!

St. Croix, USVI

Julian, Owen, Anna, Luke, Paul

December 13, 2017: It's Wednesday my dudes! Today we woke up at 5am- A long deliberated decision that we made the night before.  Bleary-eyed, we set the sails for St. Croix. We had originally planned for a 13-hour voyage, but the course we sailed got us there in 10 hou…

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