Ships Log

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03/09/18 - Wrapping Up

St. Thomas

Tashani, Tyler, Eion, Kevauna

Our last full day began with wonderful ukulele music.  We got out of bed and did some morning stretches and I'm A Stars!  Following breakfast we set sail to St. Thomas... and it took quite a while!  We raised all sails and began our Active-Watch.  After Active…

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03/08/18 - Snorkeling Culebrita


Saskia, Kinea, Alewdys, & Diego

"This morning, it was singing. We guess they were getting desperate. The ukulele was not bad, though. After that 7 o'clock wakeup, we completed the usual morning routine followed by another amazing breakfast. This time Andy prepared perfect yellow rice, eggs, hash brown…

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03/07/18 - A Musical Day

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Kevauna, Eion, Tyler, & Tashani

"We were forced to wake up with some nice ukulele music that inspired us to get out of bed, kind of. After some invigorating chores and some lovely breakfast we started off our day! We also had our first official swim call. After swimming we had an exhilarating climb aloft up the…

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03/06/18 - Busy Day at Sea


Alewdys, Diego, Kinae, & Saskia

"We woke up this morning to a harmonica and egg shakers and we all wanted to throw our pillows at the musicians. But on the bright side, bacon, pancakes, and even cupcakes were awaiting us in the very near future. After grueling morning chores, we enjoyed that desert-like breakfa…

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03/05/18 - The Start of Our Voyage

St. Thomas

Students from GHS and VIMSA

New students have arrived!  The crew of the Roseway has been eagerly awaiting our new friends to join us- so seeing Eric and Holly in those small boats with our new crew was awesome! The seas were rolling and the wind was whipping and the rain was roaring, but we survived..…

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02/27/18 - What Does Roseway Symbolize?

Christianstead, St. Croix

Junior Crew Members

Roseway has meant a lot, to many different people, throughout the years. When she was built, she was a symbol of American Ingenuity, Industry, and Good Spirits. As a harbor pilot vessel, she was a symbol of safe harbor. After a horrendous hurricane in St. Croix, she has been a sy…

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02/13/18 - Important Community Values

Ajahni, Camila, and Brianna

My favorite activity was climbing the rig because I went so high and I could see a lot of the island from a great view. On board the Roseway I've learned that you must communicate to put up the sails and do other necessities to be able to sail good and safe. Values that…

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02/07/18 - Learning new skills and values through fun activities!

St. Croix, VI

Trevhon, Jeannia, Shenique

My most favorite activity on the Roseway is climbing the rig- I was so high and the wind was so aggressive, it was awesome! One thing I have learned about the Roseway is how important it is to practice community values while on board to work together and stay …

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