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01/16/20 - Captain's Log

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

Captain Mike Moreland

The strong trades have finally eased back and things are back to normal around here in Christensted Harbour. Cargo boats are coming and going again with a sweet little wooden cargo ‘sloop’ from Anguilla right ahead of us on the pier. Loading anything and everything from windows t…

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01/13/20 - Captain's Log

Christinasted, St. Criox, USVI

Captain Mike Moreland

January 13th, 2020 Schooner Roseway lies head to wind in Christiansted Harbour, tugging and bouncing at her mooring. The skies are quite hazy and the trade winds are quite strong, 25 - 30kts at times. Seas outside the reef have built to over 12 feet and the surf is pounding on t…

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01/11/20 - Landmark College: Day Five

Christiansted Harbor, St. Croix

Eric S. and Katie M.

January 11, 2020Day 5 The Final DayToday is Saturday but to me it feels like Sad-urday. I was originally doubtful about my time on the Roseway, however the crew helped me through. Anyways today I woke up to music on a speaker which was a nice touch as the songs sounded like shan…

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01/10/20 - Landmark College: Day Four

Christiansted Harbor and Protestant Cay, St. Croix

Dylan R. and John V.

January 10, 2020Day 4 Today on the Roseway we had a day in the harbor. We had opportunities to climb the rig, make baggy wrinkles (chafe gear for the sails), and hurl heaving lines over the side into a life ring. Almost everyone ascended to the top of the shrouds and had a looko…

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01/09/20 - Landmark College: Day Three

Christiansted, St. Croix

Abby J. and Dylan B.

January 09, 2020Day 3 Today we woke up a little bit earlier than we did yesterday. The waves were predicted to pick up later, and we wanted to go hiking before setting sail for St. Croix. We piled into the small boats and made our way to the beach before we set off into the moun…

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01/08/20 - Landmark College: Day Two

Francis Bay, St. John

Ethan N. and Sam D.

January 08, 2020Day 2 Today was a day that revolved around the sea. We raised anchor at Christmas Cove and set off eastward. In the morning we crossed between St. Thomas and St. John and tacked further east to Francis Bay where we dropped anchor for lunch. We spent the journey r…

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01/07/20 - Landmark College Day One

Christmas Cove, St. Thomas

Amanda C. and Daniel R.

07 January 2020Day 1 When I first saw the Roseway she was sailing in next to a massive cruise ship! She looked so out of place next to it, like a step back in time. I felt like a pirate today when we were sailing around. During the sail I learned how to make a bunch of new knots…

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12/20/19 - Ricardo Richards Elementary School

Christiansted, VI

This week, Roseway kicked off her 13th season of St. Croix programming! Our wonderful and resilient new AmeriCorps crew welcomed 13 students from Ricardo Richards Elementary School aboard each morning this week to learn about communication, teamwork, trust, self-worth, and reflec…

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11/20/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Sixty Six

Culebra, PR

Geoffry H.

0129: We arrived in Culebra. B Watch anchored the ship. 0645: I was woken up to assist with breakfast. I was the galley assistant today which meant that I would help Lizzie (the cook) cook all three meals. 0700: All hands were woken up to start their day and begin morning chor…

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11/18/19 - Ocean Classroom 2019: Day Sixty Four

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Birgit P.

I woke up as we were coming into Vieques. It was a beautiful morning with the wonderful sound of Matthew and Holly playing the Ukulele. We ate breakfast and struck sails. As soon as we were done furling, we jumped in the water and worked on our ditty bags. All morning we swam in …

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