Ship's Log

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09/24/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 3

Castine, ME

Teagan R.

My day commenced with an early 3:30am wake up.  I waddled up the steps restricted with six upper layers and three bottom layers.  I scanned my dark surroundings.  I found myself shocked by my powerful night vision, coupled with the bright moon.  Satisfaction f…

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09/23/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 2

Cape Neddick, NH

Amanda H.

Then we were off.  Once we sailed away and waved our parents goodbye, there was every emotion circulating through my body.  I was excited, nervous, but also terrified.  Within seconds of leaving the dock, Captain Flansburg had me take the helm.  His calm demea…

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09/22/18 - Ocean Classroom: Day 1

Boston Harbor Islands

Daniel G.

The emerging swells crash against the bow of the boat, the wind facing in the southwest direction.  The mildness brings on thoughts of the short yet complex journey that brought us to this reality. Last Sunday, car after arrived at Eagle Pond.  The differentiation …

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08/09/18 - An amazing ending to our amazing 10-day adventure

Peddocks Island, Boston Harbor

Gianna, Alex, Dez, and Baylee

This morning we woke up to a rainy, foggy sky. We put on our raincoats an headed up on deck for yet another great breakfast by Nick. It was scrambled eggs with a side of delicious bacon. After eating, we did our usual morning chores. During our chores the fog cleared up and the s…

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08/08/18 - Climbing the rigging and seeing whales while sailing!

Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Maya, Danelia, Ashton, and Max

We woke up to the robust scent of french toast. We then set sail for Manchester-by-the-Sea. We raised the jib, jumbo, foresail and mainsail. While we were underway, we got to go out on the bowsprit and climb the rigging! The scenery looked right out of a movie. Next, we went righ…

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08/07/18 - Learning about Gloucester and the schooner Adventure

Gloucester, MA

Gianna, Felix, Tyler, and Will

Day seven! We start out the day with a swim call. The water was freezing but it was a great way to start out the day. After swimming, Nick made us another great breakfast which consisted of oatmeal and fruit salad. We then set sail on our way to Gloucester. On the way there we ro…

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08/06/18 - Setting Sail in the Harbor Islands!

Peddocks Island, MA

Alex, Danylo, and Adjewa

Today we're starting this log in a different way. We're starting it backwards! The latest thing we did today was eat dinner which consisted of pork, rice, and stir-fry vegetables. Prior to that we finally set sail and everyone was excited and pleasantly pleased to be back on the …

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08/05/18 - Using Boston as our classroom!

Boston, MA

Max, Maya, Daniela, and Eddie

We started our morning with banana muffins and watermelons for breakfast. There were seconds! We did our morning chores, then headed over to the Boston Tea Party Museum. There, we learned more about the Boston Tea Party by acting as the Sons and Daughters of Liberty. Everyone had…

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08/04/18 - A day of history and adventure!

Boston, MA

Felix, Gianna, Tyler

We started out the day with another great breakfast by Nick. He cooked debatably spicy scrambled eggs with bacon. We also did morning stretches and did 4 "I'm a Stars" because it's day 4. During our daily morning muster, Hugh told us a little about the USS Constitution ship. Afte…

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08/03/18 - Touring Boston

Boston, MA

Nathaniel, Dez, and Bella

A day of voyage around the city started out because the shaft to the engine is misaligned so people have to re-align it. Although we have this problem, that didn't stop us from having a good day. Between 12:30 and 1:00 is when our adventures began. We went to the Freedom Trail, C…

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