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09/19/17 - The Jackson School and Haley Pilot School

This past week, the crew welcomed fifth graders from The Jackson School and Haley Pilot School. Students from Haley Pilot visited Roseway this spring when she was in shipyard, so these students were excited to be back on board and this time...actually go sailing! We lef…

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08/31/17 - Winding Down the CHV Program

Boston Harbor

Camp Harbor View LITs

August 31, 2017: Today was the last day of Camp Harbor View's program aboard Roseway, with a group of incredible Camp Harbor View Leaders in Training (LITs). …

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08/30/17 - Improving Seamanship Skills

Palma, Dallas, & Laila

August 30, 2017: Today we started promptly at 7:30, we had a glorious pizza breakfast with bacon, spinach, and other delicacies. Unfortunately we could not find majestic humpback whales anywhere nearby because of the swells from an offshore storm. Before we set sail, while waitin…

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08/29/17 - Appreciating New and Exciting Work

Gloucester, MA

Matiniah & Julian

August 29, 2017: It is the second day of our voyage aboard the Roseway! On this day we awoke from our slumber below deck to begin our day of toiling at the sails.  We raised anchor, raised the sails and set out for another glorious day of travel. We imbibed our breakfast of …

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08/24/17 - Sailing on Stellwagen Bank

Boston Harbor Islands

Aoife, Gabe, Owen, Simon, Aidan

August 24, 2017: In the morning after we woke up we had a breakfast of oatmeal and yummy toppings. Afterward we got changed and went swimming. It was ten degrees warmer than last time. Then we saw a pod of dolphins, and we set the sails on Stellwagen Bank on our way to the B…

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08/23/17 - Humpback Whales Galore!

Provincetown, MA

Vlad, Kaitlin, Rachel, Nikola, Jocelyn

August 23, 2017: We finally saw whales today (yay)! We awoke to the creaking of Gloucester Harbor and the pink smoke of Coast Guard training flares. For breakfast today we were served egg, sausage and croissant casserole. As usual, it was amazing (thanks Jen)!  After se…

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08/22/17 - Smooth Sailing to Gloucester

Gloucester, MA

Liam, Alex, Grace, Alondra, Sarah

August 22, 2017: Today was our second day aboard the Roseway, we woke up to have a delicious French toast casserole. We started off on the motors then set sails shortly after, it was smooth sailing. We took turns doing bow watches and we even got to sit on the bow sprit (we had h…

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08/21/17 - Being Shown the Ropes (Literally!)

Boston Harbor, MA

Ana, Lulu, David, Alyssa, & Ece

August 21, 2017: Today, we boarded the Roseway. We had an open circle to get to know each other better and then played ice breaker games. We were all on edge, but excited at the same time to set sail. Then, we split into our watch groups. Our watch groups are the groups we break …

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08/14/17 - Deckhand Olympics & Portsmouth Parade of Sail

Kittery Point, ME & Portsmouth, NH

August 14, 2017 (the last two days aboard Roseway): Happy Birthday Brenden! We started off this morning at the Isles of Shoals anchored next to the Harvey Gamage. We chomped down on some breakfast burrito casserole and did our morning chores. We hoisted up the anchor and set…

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