Ship's Log

Updates from World Ocean School aboard Schooner Roseway

What You Don't See

Charleston, South Carolina

Capt. Christopher Flansburg

Roseway just made her transit from Cape Charles, VA, to Charleston in stellar fashion. Was there wind? Yep. Some. Enough to get us going 10kts at times. I love that and Roseway is happiest doing so. What you see is an old gaff-rigged schooner with red sails moving along grac…

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Perspective is Powerful

Executive Director Eden Leonard

Dear Friend, We hope this letter finds you and your family well and looking forward to a new season. These times are certainly challenging, but we at World Ocean School are continuing to find reasons to smile.  We are reaching out to our community to share news of our great…

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Welcome to Tall Ships: Piers Park Sailing Center

Boston Harbor


Wednesday, October 6, 2021   We hove to outside the Piers Park cove as the young sailors boarded Roseway from their launch boats. Introductions were made and safety procedures were briefed. With no time to lose, we set the students to task setting sails.…

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Human Ecology Aboard Roseway: College of the Atlantic

Bar Harbor, ME

Friday, October 1   If there's one thing we love more than sailing, it's inviting students into the world of tall ships. This morning, we welcomed 20 students and professors from College of the Atlantic aboard our beloved tall ship for a hands-on introduction to some o…

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Making New Friends: Maine Ocean School

Searsport, ME

Wednesday, September 22, 2021  Today we had an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a brand new educational partner: the Maine Ocean School, a Searsport-based magnet school that provides specialized programming for high schoolers who are passionate about the ocean. …

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Gloucester Schooner Festival 2021

Gloucester, MA

Our team just wrapped up a wonderful weekend at Gloucester Schooner Festival! It's always a treat to share Roseway with the public—and it's even more fun to do so in the company of other beautiful tall ships! Roseway arrived on Friday and took up her place at the Ocea…

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Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 10

Peddock Island, MA


Friday, August 13, 2021   We woke up this morning to a breakfast of bacon and pancakes. Then we did chores and raised the sails. We then motored out of Plymouth and were on our way to Boston. I went out on the headrig for the first time, which was more than a little ne…

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