Ships Log

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10/16/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Sailing around Cape Hatteras

Miss Ordway

October 16, 2017: 0800: 14 nautical miles (nm) East of Cape Hatteras, ordered course of 205 per ship’s compass. 0801: C watch takes the deck. 2nd mate sees a “really rather imminent squall” approaching from the south. 0802: C watch students decide that breakfast is better with…

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10/15/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Adventure of a Lifetime at Sea


October 15, 2017: Visualize if you will. It’s 1422 on a Sunday afternoon, and before your very eyes there’s just ocean. It’s been raining for the past four days I want to say. The waves have been rough. People puking everywhere, myself included. Though on days like today where th…

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10/14/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Song Parody about Cape Hatteras

Cape Hatteras

Captain Flansburg

October 14, 2017: I hear the thunder in the night, ‘Guess i’ll have to out my foulies on, I’ve got the middle watch tonight, Can't steer by the stars when it’s cloudy out, Talked to the captain along the way, Hoping for the chart to Hatteras, He turned to me as if to say, …

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10/13/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Geology Science Class!

Norfolk, VA


October 13, 2017: Our last day in Norfolk start with a great breakfast of waffles, sausages, and fruit. After breakfast, everybody went to the park and we played some team building games with each other like Bird and Perch, Shark, Turtle, Jellyfish, and Ultimate Frisbee. After we…

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10/10/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Nauticus Museum

Norfolk, VA


October 10, 2017: Today in Norfolk, VA we had a lot of fun. We went to one of the nicest parks I have been to. It had a huge grass field that felt like a pillow walking on it after getting used to the hard deck of Roseway. A lot of us played football and frisbee. We also had…

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10/08/17 - Ocean Classroom 2017: Friendships aboard Roseway


October 8, 2017: Being aboard Roseway is a magical adventure in and of itself. But personally I think the friendships we make and the way we express our love and appreciation for each other is even more magical. There are many people on this boat that I have never spoken to …

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