Ship's Log

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03/20/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Ten

Christiansted, St. Croix

Victoria M., Class of 2019

As the sun rose on St. Croix, our crew of CSS students set sail for the last time. Over the last 10 days, we’ve seen each other burnt from the sun and groggy from waking up at all hours of the night for our anchor watches. After mooring at Christiansted harbor and eating a delici…

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03/19/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Nine

Green Cay, St. Croix

All hands on deck

We awoke to the sounds of our friends cheering us on to haul up the sails. The fact that this will be our last opportunity to heave the halyards, let the ropes fly, and pump the toilets was not lost on anyone. On all of our faces were smiles as we walk out onto the deck into the …

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03/18/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Eight

Cruz Bay, St. John

John, Class of 2019 and Clay, Class of 2020

Today was our last chance to explore St. John before heading back to St. Croix where our journey began. We started off with an elegant egg frittata paired with savory bacon, which fueled us for the hike ahead. We then motored into Cruz Bay and met our guides Kent and Joe, two Nat…

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03/17/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Seven

Francis Bay, St. John

Lauren M., Class of 2020 and Bela M., Class of 2020

We started today off anchored in Francis Bay, St. John. We took small boats to the shore and began with a small hike up to the ruins of the Annaburg sugar mill and plantation. The walk was a delightful experience with beautiful scenery, palm trees, and weather. When we arrived at…

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03/16/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Six

Francis Bay, St. John

Payton M., Class of 2019 and Joosung K., Class of 2019

Today was the longest day of sailing yet: it started at 6:15 raising the anchor. Our wake up call was the rough seas, and then our long day ahead started (40 nautical miles). For some of the students this was torture, and some threw up from sea sickness. However, we all endured, …

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03/15/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Five

Tamarind Point Bay, Puerto Rico

Sam J., Class of 2020 and Hayden H., Class of 2020

We started off our day bright and early with a 7AM wake up call to sail from St. Thomas to Culebra. The total voyage took about 5 hours as we set our anchor in Tamarind Point Bay. We immediately noted the beautiful views from our anchorage and excitedly prepared for the afternoon…

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03/14/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Four

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Haddie G., Class of 2019 and Kate G., Class of 2020

Today was a long but perfect day of sailing. We set off earlier than usual, waking promptly at 07:00 to make the eight hour passage from Green Cay to Culebrita. However, due to some changes in the wind, we were forced to re-route to St. Thomas, pushing back our plans to reach Cul…

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03/13/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Three

Green Cay, St. Croix

Luke T., Class of 2020 and Molly B., Class of 2019

We started off today snorkeling around Buck Island again. However, we explored a different side of the island. We spotted some pretty cool critters, including more nurse sharks and even a dolphin from the ship! After a morning of snorkel-filled fun, we got underway back to Green …

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03/12/19 - Colorado Springs: Day Two

Buck Island, St. Croix

Bailey R., Class of 2021 and Zoe B., Class of 2021

After our first day on the Roseway, we climbed down to the bunks and woke each other up every hour for anchor watch. This watch consisted of checking the bilge levels, the ship’s batteries, and the weather. Each hourly group recorded this information in the ship’s log. When morni…

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03/11/19 - Colorado Springs: Day One

Green Cay, St. Croix

Zoë H, Class of 2019 and Steph C., Class of 2019.

After a week of preparation and a whole day of traveling, we finally boarded the Roseway. When we first arrived at the dock, the crew welcomed us with tape and sharpies for makeshift name tags. After some activities and jumping around on solid ground, we got on board, the tour wa…

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