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Join us for Walk the Plank 2021!

Support our plank-walkers as they raise funds to support life-changing educational programs aboard Roseway...

...then join us Thursday, August 19 from 5-7pm at the Moakley Federal Courthouse Dock to watch them Walk the Plank!

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Latest ship log entries:

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PMC 2021 Day 7

Alexis and Gretchen

Thursday, July 26, 2021  Woke up. We had bussin' pancakes and bacon. Did chores including doing dishes whilst being sprayed by a hose from the other watch. We pulled up to Gloucester Harbor with… read more

PMC 2021 Day 6

Augie and Skylar

Wednesday, July 28, 2021  We had donut hole-like things and bacon for breakfast. After breakfast, we had normal chores and continued our game of Assassin. We are down to 3 kids left. Then we… read more

PMC 2021 Day 5

Cayden and Lauren

Tuesday, July 27, 2021  Today we stayed at anchor until midday. We then sailed to Kittery, Maine from the Isle of Shoals. After that we went flounder fishing but caught none. Then we encount… read more

Our Vision

World Ocean School’s work is empowering and inspiring for students of all ages, races, monetary backgrounds, and experiences. Through engaging and hands-on programs at sea, World Ocean School inspires students to advance academically and vocationally, motivates students to be engaged community members, enables students to feel appreciated and valued in a unique environment, and provides a platform where students feel strong and smart. 

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  • 73% of World Ocean School students are from under-resourced communities.
  • Over 21,500 students have participated in World Ocean School programming since 2004.
  • World Ocean School engages an equal number of male and female students.
  • Students who participate in World Ocean School programming come from a wide spectrum of economic backgrounds.

How World Ocean School Helps

World Ocean School provides programs aboard our historic flagship vessel Schooner Roseway (or other tall ships) which challenge a diverse population of students academically, physically, and emotionally. Students' participation in these programs broaden their perspectives of the world, their communities, and themselves. 

Though we primarily operate in Boston, MA during the summer and in St. Croix, VI during the winter, we are proud to have engaged students from all over the globe since 2004.   

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Get On Board

Hop on board and experience Roseway for yourself. From Boston to St. Croix, and sunset sails to multi-week voyages -- there are plenty of ways to get involved.

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