Vintage Roseway Ball Cap

This classic Roseway cap is all vintage and all style. It’s our Captain’s favorite so we decided to bring it back. Adjustable strap insures a good fit and the worn-in charcoal color makes for an awesome look.

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A 137' Grand Banks schooner built in 1925, Roseway has been designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark. Of the more than 4,000 schooners built in Essex, Massachusetts, it's one of only three still sailing today. In 2002, Roseway was donated to World Ocean School, and we gave her an extensive restoration. After fourteen years of service, Roseway is ready for the Phase II Restoration Project, which will pre-empt critical wear to the ship, preserving her for students for years to come. This project is expected to cost $330,000 and be completed over eight weeks.

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Recent Reviews (5 star avg):

I absolutely love my Roseway ball cap. I don't wear hats often (mostly only when my mullet is getting out of hand) but when I do this is my goto. It fits nicely, has a strong brim, and keeps the sun out of my eyes in Roseway style. I know it would make Cap'n Tom proud to see you in this hat.

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