Unisex T-Shirt - Adult

This is our favorite t-shirt, worn by Roseway‘s stellar crew-members. Made by Anvil, this ring spun poly-cotton blend is well-known for being super-soft and doesn't keep heat trapped between the fabric and your skin.

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A 137' Grand Banks schooner built in 1925, Roseway has been designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark. Of the more than 4,000 schooners built in Essex, Massachusetts, it's one of only three still sailing today. In 2002, Roseway was donated to World Ocean School, and we gave her an extensive restoration. After fourteen years of service, Roseway is ready for the Phase II Restoration Project, which will pre-empt critical wear to the ship, preserving her for students for years to come. This project is expected to cost $330,000 and be completed over eight weeks.

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Recent Reviews (5 star avg):

I've had my Roseway shirt since I did the voyage from St. Croix to Boston a few years ago. The Roseway Red definitely pops and is recognizable from anywhere. It has faded a bit over the course of a few years but it makes it more authentic in my opinion. I feel like a sun-stained deckhand every time I wear it!

I got me and my son (who was a student aboard Roseway earlier this year) matching tshirts this year as a present. He was so excited! Fit great for me (L) and my son (children's medium).

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