Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 49

Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 49

Francis Bay, St. John

Louisa L.

February 26, 2021

Today, we had our usual wakeup at 0715. We ate breakfast tacos, had some coffee (of course) and got together for muster. We quickly got our morning chores done, made bagged lunches and started small boat rides to shore. We walked to the beach and from the beach we walked to the Annaberg Sugar Plantation. Today there were demonstrations because February is Black History month. We met Yisrael Petersen who is a Moko Jumbie. A Moko Jumbie is a traditional stilt performer that signifies a deity that watches over his village for danger, traditionally coming from Africa and Trinidad. We danced with Yisrael to the beautiful live music. We got to see around the sugar plantation and met a lot of people along the way that explained the history to us. We got to try fresh sugar cane and gooseberries. Sam and I made friends with the man with the sugar cane, so we walked away with a lot of sugar cane and berries. We can all agree that fresh sugar cane is amazing. We said goodbye to the people at the sugar plantation and hiked down and on the beach for some swimming and snorkeling. There were SO MANY sea urchins there, so that was a little scary. We then went up on a hike to some ruins and saw some goats. The view was gorgeous, and we took in all of the views. We hiked down and back to the beach to be picked up by Nick. We came back to the boat and had some free time; then we had delicious dinner -once again- shout-out Adam!! We finished up the night with some games as a whole crew. A good day in St. John! Ok, bye for now!!

Louizzle out,

Louisa Liddle

P.S. Happy almost birthday Sam. See you soon kid, love you. Also shout-out Lu, miss you buddy.