Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 4

Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 4

Christiansted, St. Croix

Kara H.

Friday, January 8, 2021 

We woke up on our third whole day in St. Croix to the pitter-patter of our first heavy rainfall here on the island. Digging our raincoats out from our bags, we enjoyed our delicious breakfast alongside a vibrant rainbow above the Sugar Apple. We then headed back to our rooms to apply the daily dose of sunscreen as the sun began to come out from behind the clouds. We then walked through Christiansted and started our hike to the top of a nearby mountain, Recovery Hill. We enjoyed looking at the array of colorful, traditional homes on the mountain-side, taking the time to drink water and catch our breath in the midday heat. Needless to say, the views were INCREDIBLE! The intense blues of the reef and ocean mixed with the greens of the island spotted with yellow and blue homes made the steep incline worthwhile. Once we arrived at the summit, we sat for a moment (six feet apart) before enjoying the views on the way down. Once back at the Sugar Apple, we ate a quick lunch and immediately jumped in the pool. Not long after we soaked up even more sun, we all came together for our first Marine Science class where we talked about our effects on the earth and global warming. We then switched gears and talked about the history of St. Croix and what Frandelle had previously explained to us yesterday. Some iguanas joined us at the pool and what I thought was an opossum was sleeping outside of my room. Turns out it was just a rat (thank you Holly). In the evening we had some downtime to catch up on schoolwork and chill before eating a big dinner of burgers and fries. Then it was time for some sea shanties! We started off easy with Paddy Lay Back and the crew took it away. Let me tell you this group has some natural born shanty-men. Then Teige ended the night by showing off his unreal guitar skills. Today was an amazing day in St. Croix, and I can't wait for tomorrow.

To more adventures,

Kara Hort