Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 35

Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 35

Christiansted, St. Croix

Kara H.

February 12, 2021

Today marks the day, February 12th, that we are now finally allowed to drink coffee. During and after our sunset sail this afternoon the remaining Junior Crew passed their last clearances and are now officially headrig cleared. Now that I got the good news shared and out of the way, we started off the day with our usual (coffee-less)(not anymore) morning chores and went straight into marine biology class with Holly. We learned about marine invertebrates and walked through a phylogenetic tree of invertebrates and how they are classified into kingdom, phylum, class and so on. As we saw how they all connect to each other. Then we had a brief short break before we dug out our ditty bags and got back to work on sewing the first few folds. Several needle pricks and re-done stitches later we ate lunch and moved the boat over to the dock for a deck wash and prep for a sunset sail. After this we had our new Captain Wells come aboard and meet the crew. (Fun fact: He works in Juneau over the summer so we've probably crossed paths.)(Wild) Then, we went out for a great sunset sail and before we left the dock and after the sail we had two scientists board Roseway. They gave us a buoy that we will release into the ocean on our next sail. They talked to us about what they do and what the purpose of the buoy was, which was very cool to see firsthand because I've just finished a unit on marine technology. We went back to the mooring and had a goodbye/ thank-you-for-being-awesome muster with Captain Sikkema where he out of nowhere sprinted across the deck and dove off the side of the boat and we all went WILD. That was the craziest, most fun thing yet to happen and we're all sad to say goodbye. But we're very excited and looking forward to our plans in the upcoming weeks and sailing with Captain Wells. Today was another amazing day in St. Croix and I can't wait for tomorrow. 


Kara Hort

P.S. Hi Jaime, Mom, Dad, Annabelle. Hope you guys are doing great, miss you lots!