Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 30

Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 30

Christiansted. St. Croix

Cam M.

February 7, 2021

Another beautiful day on Roseway! We were all woken up at 1030. The sleep-in on Sunday is one of the biggest perks of Ocean Classroom. We started off with some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. It was a slow morning until we started to prep to move to the dock at 1300. Once we got to the dock we got right to a deck wash. Once we had done a thorough job of cleaning the deck we all got to separate jobs. Me and Jack went to polish the bell and quarterbits with Never Dull. Once the boat was ready for passengers we all got together on the cabin top to set a reef in the mainsail. This meant that we had to shorten the foot of the sail, causing less of a luff in higher winds. We all got together to do a swim call and rinse off before getting into our Roseway Reds to await customers. At 1600 we cast off all lines and motored to the channel where we took up the small boat and hauled up sails. We tacked around for a bit before heading back to the Port Authority to drop customers off. Once we had cleaned the boat (disinfect) we got right to the mooring to settle down for the evening. We all got together for muster to discuss the day we just had. Dinner was set up and we all ate at 1930.


Cam McAuliffe

(Shout-out; Mom, Dad, Margot, EJ, love you guys.)