Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 10

Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 10

Christiansted, St. Croix

Sam J.

January 18, 2021

Today was another relaxing day at the Holger Danske. Wake up was at 0845 and we had a muster at the pool at 0900. We discussed the plan for the day while enjoying some fresh baked, local pastries for breccy. Holly knows her breakfast goods and knows where to get them! We had time to sit by the pool and read our marine science book. Jack, Cammy, and I sat in our hammocks while we enlightened ourselves about the thermohaline conveyor belt and the ocean's interesting circulation. We learned about the trade winds and even atmospheric cells of rotating molecules. As we wrapped up class, some chose to stay outside by the sun, but I jumped right in the pool. I miss the big pool and the Roseway diving board. We mustered and had one-on-one meetings with Jolly Holly. It was nice to be able to hear and give feedback on how things are going so far. Then we had our favorite dinner, Schupe's! Also, we met Captain Sam (great name) and he joined us for dinner. He gave us the scuttlebutt and some of his experiences as a captain for about 20 years. The clouds filled the sky as it began to open up upon us. We decided to watch Pirates of the Caribbean II. We are getting very close, not physically, but feel empty without the Roseway crew. Hopefully our tests are negative tomorrow and yoga can let us all relax :). Also, we are all unrecognizably tan from the beautiful Caribbean rays. That's all I got!


Sam Jewett