Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 38

Winter Ocean Classroom 2021: Day 38

Christiansted, St. Croix

Cam M.

February 15, 2021

Another early one this morning, we were all woken up at 0715. Jack and Casten get wake ups done with some good questions. Adam had been hard at work cooking some amazing fried rice and beans. We filled our bowls and sat out on the cabin tops. We then shifted over to some classes on elasmobranchs (sharks). After marine bio, we got chores out of the way so we could start to head over to the dock. Cap fired up the engine and we got to our stations. Once Cap pulled up to the dock, dock lines 1-4 were sent over and put on the cleats. We then got to work on a deck wash cleaning every surface on Roseway. Once we were done we got a swim call going, we quickly got ready for a day at the park and we started walking to Shupes. We got to the boardwalk and saw our favorite boardwalk people (Jason). Once we got to Shupes we sat down and "Tennessee" took our orders. We had a talk with Colin and Holly and then once we got our food we went to the park. After some much needed time off we got back to our mooring for the night.

-Cam McAuliffe

Shout out Nonni, Popi, Opa, and Lisa