Welcome New Crew!

Welcome New Crew!

Christiansted, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Wednesday, December 8, 2021  

Please join us in welcoming Alejandro, Andrew, Aurora, Catherine, Maddy, and Sienna to the World Ocean School team!

Just a week ago, Roseway received six brand new crew members—all Americorps volunteers who have committed to spending the next year onboard as deckhand educators. In the days since, these new deckhands have spent long days learning everything there is to know about life aboard our beloved tall ship. From their first morning muster to the last boat checks of their first duty days, the newest members of our team are quickly becoming essential to our onboard community.

What have these new deckhands learned so far? Hauling, sheeting, sweating, tailing, coiling, splicing, tacking, gybing, setting, striking, docking, and standing anchor watch—among other things. Plus, they've started training in the World Ocean School curriculum. Our new crew are ready to introduce students to concepts like buoyancy, water quality, simple machines, and more—all demonstrated in-context during hands-on activities aboard Roseway!

They have also learned about the safety equipment on board and their assigned roles in any of various emergency situations. Our mates led the full crew in drills and showed them how to put on bright red immersion suits (or "Gumby suits") that can keep sailors warm and afloat for days on end, even in chilly northern waters.

When it comes to crew transitions, the new crew only make up half of the equation. Just a few days after completing the last leg of their southbound transit from Charleston to St. Croix, our "old" crew members have done a wonderful job teaching their new teammates about the ship, their roles as deckhand educators, and the onboard community they have just joined.

If you come on board for a St. Croix sunset sail during the next few weeks—make sure to say hello to the newest members of our team. We can't wait to see all they will accomplish during their time on board.