06/26/12 - Watch C Reporting from Gloucester

Watch C Reporting from Gloucester

Tuesday's Ship's Log Watch C: John, Darren, Claire, Kyra, Sierra, Parker, Drew, Ellen We are looking forward to seeing the whales.  We have enjoyed the humorous crew, learning new things about the boat, and all of the new opportunities we have gotten to experience. This morning started by John waking us up with the ukulele and a blueberry pancake breakfast MMMmmmm... and then we rolled right into sail raising. Seamanship has been very interesting and exciting to learn about. We have learned so far about all of the pins and signals to the Captain during bow watch. We have also been steering the boat as a team. The crew and our group are becoming awesome friends. In our reflection time with Joy and Alex we talked about how our year went. Life is good on the boat!! Then a HUGE storm came and we all went into the Main Salon and had a discussion about ethics. Free time with our fantastic friends was great, and we wrapped it up with a great dinner and the cleaning of the dishes. Now we get to go upstairs and sing with rest of the crew and dance the night away!