06/27/12 - Watch A Reports from Provincetown

Watch A Reports from Provincetown

Wednesday's Ship's Log By  Watch A: Michael, Zaiah, Mary, Katelin (Doug), Sidney and Merran  (the MIghty A watch) Dear Readers, Yesterday where the last log left off we were going to bed in Gloucester, where the huge ocean side villas and mansions surrounded us, giving us an unusual sense of security. Unlike the other night where there were fireworks to light up the sky, yesterday we only had the beautiful grandfather clock to light up the surrounding islands, needless to say the night watch was once again very enjoyable and we had lots of activities to keep us awake. In our group we had to go through a boat check, which, if you don’t know, is a check of all the boats lower water levels (bilges) and the ships battery and engine status. There were three of us in our group and with my Aussie Watch leader, we wrote a rap that proved to be more enjoyable to write than to listen to. Others in our watch did similar things with their watch leaders and had just as much fun. This morning we woke to the sweet smell of granola being cooked by the culinary expert Nicholas. Many enjoyed the granola, but for some it was a little too "healthy" (land lubbers if you ask me) but we all appreciated the strawberries that accompanied it. After our morning study, we all raised the sails and set them for Provincetown.  We were lucky to have no heavy rain or storms, but the wind was decent for the morning and we made good progress. The watch was assigned "Seamanship" for our first activity, learning about points of sail, Bernoulli’s principle of lift (please google for reference) and reviewed our knots, pins and coils on the ship. After that we were in for a special treat, we were allowed to crawl onto the front of the ship were we had an unobstructed view of the beautiful wide sea. It was scary for many, but Zaiah and Michael seemed to enjoy it without a scent of fear. We had lunch which, like always, was fantastic, and had a fair amount of time to discuss our values on the ship. The ethics and values workbook we have been studying, challenged us as a community to create a system of values, 5 to be exact, that we all want to portray. We finally agreed on Respect, Trustworthy, Loyalty, Compassion, and Integrity.  After all that we took over the c-watch's active watch and looked for any dangerous obstructions. Some of us had the treat of peeling freshly boiled LOBSTERS! (Generously passed along fresh from Gloucester's finest Lobsterman Captain Tom as they motored up beside us this morning) for tomorrow’s extra special lunch wraps. Finally we had rest and reflection that was surprisingly cut short by the unexpected spotting of whales! The whales were numerous and came close enough at one point for us to hear them breathe. I have to wrap this up now because after our fantastic dinner we were asked to write this log and we have afternoon activities, like the reading of our raps and other surprises. We miss our families and hope you are having the best time without us.