Waldorf School of Lexington, Student Reflections

Waldorf School of Lexington, Student Reflections

Boston Harbor Islands

Thursday, June 17th, 2021 

This week, we welcomed the Waldorf School of Lexington's graduating 8th grade class aboard Roseway for two days of learning to sail, putting teamwork into practice, and celebrating their time together at the Waldorf School. The days were full of singing and fun!

Before departing the ship, students were asked to write about the biggest challenge they overcame aboard Roseway. Here are some of their responses: 

"Aboard Roseway, the biggest thing I overcame was lifting the sails. This task was not only hard, it took a lot of willpower and strength. Not only that, it had to be repeated 4 times! It also was difficult expanding my energy into a longer burst, not a short shot of energy. In the end, the task was very rewarding because we were able to sail from Boston into the harbor. I can’t believe how strong sailors are to lift two ton sails everyday." 

"Aboard Roseway, the biggest thing that I overcame was my trouble understanding navigation. It was difficult at first to work with degrees and pinpoint our exact location, but once I finished my struggles were worth it. I even enjoyed working with the compass rose on the chart and expo markers to find our location. Overall, I think it was a good way to test and challenge myself."

"Aboard Roseway, the biggest thing that I overcame was my hesitance to do uncomfortable things for the greater food of the ship and crew. I was not very excited for my shift on anchor watch. Then, I realized that its necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly so I decided to take a more positive outlook on it. It actually ended up being kind of peaceful. When we had to raise the sails, my arms started getting pretty tired and I wanted to stop. To overcome that urge I had to remind myself that everybody else was helping out and putting in their best effort and so should I."