The final pre-program prep...

The final pre-program prep...

Boston, MA

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

With less than 24 hours to go, our crew is wrapping up deep cleans, stowing provisions, distributing safety gear, painting Roseway's topsides, and cutting Roseway's old main sail to be repurposed into sail bags! Captain Flansburg reports that this is the most prepared the ship has ever been for an Ocean Classroom voyage, and the crew echo their excitement for sailing, students, and the sea over the next nine weeks. Look at them go!

Later this week, we will be updating our Ship's Logs daily (or as the ship attains internet access!) with student reflections and photos so you can follow along with this adventure. 

Until then, take one last glimpse into arguably the most fun part of our crew's working quarantine. One of our talented crew members/photographers/videographers, Leona, captured these photos of humpback whales along Stellwagen Bank! 

Take a look at Leona's other work aboard Roseway here

We look forward to you virtually joining this voyage with us!