That Fateful Day: Crew Training Voyage Day 3

That Fateful Day: Crew Training Voyage Day 3

Caneel Bay, St. John, USVI

Cat and Andrew

Wednesday, January 12, 2022  

The year is 2055, Cat and Andrew are stuck on a deserted island in the middle of the Caribbean. In their delirium they began to ask each other about the day they nearly circumnavigated St. John aboard the Schooner Roseway.

Cat turns to Andrew and asks, "Hey, what were we trying to accomplish on that fateful day of January 12, 2022?"

Andrew: I believe we started off in Francis Bay and our goal was to have an amazing day of crew training and get a good look at St. John’s and the British Virgin Isles. We ended the day anchored out in Caneel Bay in St. John.

Cat: Oh I remember! I remember it well! It was my first time sailing in the British Virgin Isles and the views were breathtaking!

Andrew: Could you describe that day in one word?

Cat: Dreamy!

Andrew: Dreamy? Why is that?

Cat: I remember feeling so lucky to get to sail in calm waters, on a sunny day on a historic vessel in the Caribbean. Some people can only dream of that. How would you describe that day?

Andrew: Hmmm I remember that day feeling more “robust”. I recall we had to vigorously haul up the sails with all the grunts and sore arms that come with it. Along with that, I was the designated “Chain Monkey”, which entails a crew member to jump down to the dark and cramped fore peak and guide the anchor chain into its house without getting tangled. A very messy job.

Andrew: Cat was there anything that we did on January 12th 2022 that required you to be courageous?

Cat: Yes, that day we learned how to plot a running fix on our chart. We had to find a bearing point and then convert the bearing from a magnetic compass to a true compass. I found this conversion difficult and very frustrating. Math has always been a struggle for me so I had to practice courage to keep going until I finally plotted a running fix successfully.

Andrew: Oi! I never realized you thought about Math that way! That reminds me! I too had to be courageous that day!

Cat: Why was that?

Andrew: Well, that was the day I started the Roseway Vlog. I didn’t know if I should do it at first, but I took a leap of faith! I was able to capture so many authentic moments amongst the crew it also spurred my most memorable moment that day!

Cat: I’m on the edge of my seat! What was it!!

Andrew: After we dropped anchor, Captain Wells called a muster and said that today (January 12, 2022) was maybe the best day of sailing he’s had in the Caribbean and the thing that pushed it over the edge was my VLOG (possibly with a little bit of sarcasm)!

Cat: Reader (breaks fourth wall)! Please check out the videos below……wait Andrew are those the red sails of the Roseway coming over the horizon or am I just dehydrated.


Post script: Andrew and Cat ended that robust and dreamy day in 2022 with a warm bowl of curry made by the cool “cook” Colin. Belly’s full they went to sleep and set their alarms for anchor watch…

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