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06/29/17 - Working as a Team aboard Roseway

Boston Harbor

Eddie, Luke & Annabel

Today the students arrived on the schooner Roseway in Boston. Some of our Junior Ambassadors are from Quebec and are fluent in French and are teaching us new words. We duffled and shuffled to make sure all gear was in order, chanted, and scarfed our food, yummy mac and cheese! The students tour…

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07/07/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: A Foggy Day at Sea

C watch – M-Rod, Griffen, Ryan, Truman, Josie, Daniel, Noah, and Joelle

Some of us awoke this morning to go for a swim at 0630 at Cape Cod. The 70 degree water of Cape Cod was a vast improvement on the frigid waters of Southern Maine. Yesterday we ran over a fishing line to avoid hitting a whale. This morning the Captain dove down and cut it off the prop shaft. Followin…

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07/06/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: Whale Watch

Crew: Karen and Sam; JWO: Kenny; Ambassadors: Shane, Gianna, Ammiel, Denny, Phillip

We set off on the beautiful ocean to begin our sail to Province Town. Humpback whales guided us to our destination. All together we watched at the rails. Loved and listened to the whales. Everyone enjoyed sitting on the bowsprit to see the boat from a different angle. We all devoured Caroline…

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07/05/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: Underway Again

Today we go, Sailing to and fro. Through the ocean foam, It’s our delight to roam. The horn bellowing, loud and bold, Whilst we float across the water, blue and cold. We master nautical skills, Out of sight of fields and hills. Fog across the sky, Like a fresh corps nearby. Running across …

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07/04/16 - Happy July 4th form the Summer Ambassadors

Watch leaders: Joelle, Noah; JWO: Madison; Ambassadors: Truman, Ryan, Josie, Griffin, Daniel

Happy Fourth of July!! Today we were able to explore the city of Portland, Maine. We went to a park and we also saw Portland memorials, such as the USS Portland, which received Japan’s surrender and ended World War II. Next we walked to another park where we ate drumstick ice cream for the first t…

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07/03/16 - Making Tracks to Portland Maine

​B Watch: Crew: Karen and Sam; JWO: Kenny; Ambassadors; Denny, Ammiel, Philip, Shane, Gianna

Today we sailed to Portland, were a little halfway through our trip and have been enjoying every minute of it…So far we’ve seen whales! It’s always so exciting to hear the call of someone on board, “There she blows!” almost everything on the ship stops (even impromptu mid-day musters) and we all hur…

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07/02/16 - A Summer Ambassador Poem

​A watch- Crew: Monica and Danielle; JWO: Sam (woody) Ambassadors: Penny, Ellie, De-Andrae, Patrick

The water is cold Team work helped us do the job Tossing the ball high Across the salty bottom When I dive to their cold world Armored lobsters crawl Soft breeze kiss my face Close friends make us laugh often Cool sea through my veins Splashes in the air A circle of friends laughing And t…

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07/01/16 - Minke Whales Ho!

​C- Watch – Noah, Joelle, M-Rod, Daniel, Griffin, Josie, Truman, and Ryan

For anchor watch last night, some of us had a hard time getting up. Our anchorage was exposed to the sea, and the boat rocked vigorously all night long. We set our sails before breakfast because we knew we had a 10 hour sail ahead of us. We and are still underway as we write this at 1957 hours. We…

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06/29/16 - 2016 Summer Ambassador Program: New Sights in a New State

Appledore Island, ME

A Watch - Crew: Monica and Danielle, JWO: Sam, Ambassadors: De-Andrae, Patrick, Penelope, Ellie

This morning we woke up to foggy, overcast skies and a cool, cutting wind. After a hearty breakfast of pancakes and sausages, we set sail for Appledore Island, putting Gloucester Harbor behind us. It felt bizarre to be leaving Massachusetts, especially for those of us who were newcomers to the sta…

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08/08/14 - Closing Ceremonies

Watch C

Today started out with a brisk ice bath in the waters of Massachusetts. There was 100% participation in the swim for the first time. Soon after “I’m a stars” we set sail and ate breakfast underway. With Boston in the horizon we watched many whales blow and dive. We had lunch and then soon after we c…

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08/07/14 - Boston-bound

Watch B

Today we woke up with a chill in our bones from the early morning anchor watches. Starting our day off right with 45 "I'm A Stars!" thinking to ourselves let's turn that ice into nice....warm blood. We raised sails with some extra heaves and hoes from the trusty barkers. Not long after that every c…

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08/06/14 - Puffins!!

Watch A

We woke up and did 45 “I’m a stars”, raised the sails then had breakfast and headed for Easter Egg Rock. While floating just off the shore, we went puffin sighting and saw MANY puffins. A few flew just off our bow! After we saw the puffins we split back into our watch groups and wrote a Roseway song…

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08/06/14 - Hog Island

C Watch

This morning, we started our day slightly groggy from the previous day of hard work and our night of anchor watch,where we decoded each other's signal flags. After the morning "I'm A Star", which felt like a full work out, we ate like champs, feasting on beautiful pancakes. After morning chores we b…

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08/04/14 - Puffins and Porpoises and Lobsters, Oh My

August 3: We started out our day just like any other, by doing 35 "I'm A Stars!"We raised sails, had breakfast, and did our chores before starting our morning activities. We read more of our novels, wrote in our journals, climbed the rigging, and saw seals and porpoises swimming. We wore harnesses a…

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08/03/14 - Bailey Island

Roseway has sailed into the internet-free zone of Maine's coastal islands. All is well aboard!Stay tuned for more updates from the Summer Ambassadors coming soon . . .…

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08/02/14 - Bow Watch Further into Maine

Watch A

Today we set sail from the wonderful city of Portland and began our two day journey to our next destination. We began our day with 40 “Im A Stars” and an amazing breakfast of blueberry pancakes. We then hoisted the sails and navigated through the minefields of lobster traps very slowly but surely.…

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08/01/14 - Soup Kitchens and Trail Maintenance

Watch C

Today we woke up after a crew only dock watch. It was nice to get our sleep it was our first full night sleep since day 1. After a speedy and delicious breakfast of burrito’s. We helped out at a local soup a kitchen for lunch and served more than 200 people. Then we went to monument square and had …

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07/31/14 - Arrival In Portland Maine

Sasha, Harry, Jack M., Jess

We are writing from Lincoln Park in Portland, Me. Some ambassadors are playing soccer and some are playing a game of whiffle ball.Anchor watch was unusually foggy last night. We couldn’t even see the water. We got woken up at 0730 and started our day with 35 “I’m A Stars.” Breakfast was egg sandwich…

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07/30/14 - Maine Swim Call!

A Watch

Today when we woke up we were all still tired from our anchor watches. For last night’s/this morning’s watches we did boat checks, wrote a poem, and had a yummy snack. We saw stars, some saw fireworks, others saw the lights from Boston and the lucky few got to see the wonders of bioluminescence. Bef…

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07/29/14 - A Visit to Roseway's Birthplace

C Watch

After our first anchor watch we had a great breakfast of eggs and bacon. Next we had morning chores and we rafted up alongside three other schooners; The Adventure, Harvey Gammage, and The Lady Maryland. After we got off the boats we got to see a sea food auction and got a tour of the fish processin…

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07/27/14 - Summer Ambassador Program 2014 Begins

A watch: Jess, Cassidy, Sergio, John

We all arrived, met up with our watches then went on boat tours. We all did 15 “I’m a Stars” to get ready for the trip, on the dock while people walked by and took photos. Then we did an in depth safety chat and left the dock. We are currently anchored in Boston Harbor. While we were dropping the a…

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08/16/13 - Deckhand Olympics and Closing Ceremonies

Watch A: Jessica, Myah, Jarod, Aly & Tresvonni

It feels just like yesterday we were all introducing ourselves and now we're about to leave tomorrow morning. We woke up to a cry of “All hands on deck.” We rushed to the halyards to raise the sails. Today we raised more sail than usual which caused it to be heavier and take longer. Most of us were …

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08/15/13 - Sailing South with Dolphins and Whales

Watch C: Jordan, Yevhenii, Elise, Shawn, Sarai & Jess

Today, after a fantastic sunrise, we started our day by setting sail for home. We left Hog Island after breakfast. Our watch group started the day with R&R (reading and reflection) for two hours. The journal entry today was to tell our feelings about leaving land for the last time on this voyage an…

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08/14/13 - Climbing the Rig, Maintaining Trails, and ...

Watch B: Zach, Jessi, Wendy, Emily and Silas

Today we were woken up by a performance of the boot dance. It was a very foggy and rainy morning. Then we had a delicious breakfast made by our talented cook Della. After breakfast we climbed the main shrouds, we all went outside our comfort zones going higher than we thought we would. After conquer…

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08/13/13 - Puffin Watching and Sailing in the Fog

By Myah, Aly, Tresvonni, Jessica & Jarod

Hey there! Today we woke up to mass confusion and a lovely British accent accompanied by a bell. See what happened was... we never were awoken for anchor watch. Surprise! Many of us woke up thinking we had missed our watch. However our lovely crew members thought it was best to let us sleep the whol…

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08/12/13 - Off to Hog Island with Whales

By Sarai, Shawn, Jordan, Yevhenii, Jess, Elise

Yesterday we had a traditional Maine breakfast of blueberry pancakes and muffins and bacon. We left Cow Island and set sail for Harpswell Harbor. In Harpswell we were greeted by the friendly owners of the Sea Escape Cottages who welcomed us to their home for the day. There were REAL SHOWERS! But to …

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08/10/13 - Community Service in Portland and Cow Island

By Tresvonni, Jessica, Elise

Sorry for not writing last night’s ship log. We had an extremely long day yesterday. We were woken up by our amazing crew members who imitated a rain storm. We really did not need the crew members to imitate a rain storm. Mother Nature provided us with one. All. Day. Long. We then walked over to a C…

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08/08/13 - A Rainy Sail to Portland

WATCH B: Zach, Emily, Silas, Wendy & Jessi

Today we woke up to a very nice singing of happy birthday by the Roseway crew; it was our friend Aly’s birthday. We were forced to do a close family breakfast because it was raining. We started to sail to Portland, despite slow winds. During the sail to Portland we did knot tying, reading and reflec…

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08/07/13 - Sailing North for a Brisk Swim

Watch A: Aly, Jarod, Jessica, Myah, Tresvonni

After a night of dock watches, our lovely crew members thought it would be a good idea to wake us up by jumping up and down and screaming “I’m a star.” Interesting approach, huh? Then we raised the sails and set forth towards Portland. We took turns standing bow watch, steering the boat, reading and…

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08/06/13 - Visiting Roseway's Birthplace

Watch C: Jordan, Shawn, Elyse, Sarai, Jess, Yevhenni

After a night of dock watches, we woke up and went to the Maritime History Museum where we learned about lobster traps, fish sanctuary and the benefits of life from a sand bank. After that we went to the outdoor aquarium were we saw flounders, lobsters, crabs, horseshoe crabs, skates, and sea stars.…

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08/05/13 - Summer Ambassadors Set Sail

Watch B - Zach, Jessi, Wendy, Silas, Emily

After an early start at 6 am, we got some hands on, by raising the sails and steering the boat. We almost saw a whale, well, some of us saw a whale; those who were on the deck. We also learned about navigation today using a chart, not a map!! We are learning about the origin of the navigation in …

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08/04/13 - Summer Ambassador Program 2013 Begins

WATCH C: Sarai, Shawn, Jordan, Yevhenii, Jess, Elise

When we first got here we got a tour of the boat and also got a tour of the safety features. We also learned that there are more than one type of fire extinguisher on board. After we did the tours we did team building activities. The foreign Ambassadors are excited to be in America and excited to w…

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