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09/26/16 - Roseway Sets Sail with Students from Proctor Academy

Proctor's Ocean Classroom program set sail for the 23rd year out of Gloucester Harbor Friday afternoon. Each September since 1994, twenty-two Proctor students have boarded an authentic tall ship and learned to sail the 137 foot schooner. Over the past three years, Proctor's partnership with World Oc…

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11/06/15 - Community Service on St Croix

Christiansted, St. Croix

​Caroline & K

Sitting at anchor watch from 0000 to 0100, we reminisce about our first day on shore after a fourteen day period at sea. Our morning was spent at the dock, cleaning away the stench of our living quarters and roasting in the tropical sun. After lunch, we were finally allowed to step off our rocking h…

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11/05/15 - Land-Ho!

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands!!!Yesterday, we heard rumors of getting to land in the late afternoon but we refused to believe until we reached the Virgin Passage which was thirty miles off of St. Croix. After two weeks on the open ocean the sight of land felt new and strange. By the time we had dro…

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10/10/15 - Dreams Realized

Proctor's Ocean Classroom aboard the schooner Roseway has made its way through a few days of waiting for Hurricane Joaquin to head to sea, and recently sailed into Manahattan. Their nine week journeyalong the eastern seaboard en route to Puerto Rico continues to bring out the best in each student as…

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09/28/15 - Sharks, Imploding Submarine, and a Super Moon

Nick, James, Fisher

On the fourth day of our voyage, after waking up and having breakfast, we made our way to Woods Hole. After arriving, we toured the Knorr, an old research vessel most popularly known for locating the wreck of the Titanic. The ship has been retired after forty five years of service and the owners are…

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09/25/15 - Proctor Academy's Ocean Classroom is Underway

The first full day of Ocean Classroom 2015 Aboard Roseway is underway. At 0830 Roseway departed Gloucester Harbor bound for Stellwagon Bank and Provincetown beyond. The journey has just begun! Stay tuned for pictures, posts, and blogs as the students and crew delve in to their nine-week adventure at…

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