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08/19/16 - A Final Farewell

Today we said goodbye to all of the students from Seacoast Youth Services. It's been an incredible week and we can't wait to see all of you again sailing aboard Roseway!…

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08/18/16 - Sailing through the Night into the Final Day

The Avengers (Scooter, Caleb, Kaylyn, Katie, Olivia, Kyle)

Today was our last day. During the entirety of this trip, we learned how to raise the sails, tie various knots, coil the lines, and how to furl the sails. The best of all, we became closer to each other. We will be returning home knowing so much more about each other then from when we started. This …

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08/16/16 - Making Connections at Sea

B Watch: Desirae, Paul, Dayton, Maggie, Tashin

Today a lot happened. Not much differently from yesterday, but still a lot. A few very exciting things happened as well. We had a micro-burst that blew rain in sideways under our awning and we managed to lose (accidentally) the dreaded red bucket. [Seriously, everyone hates that thing, except Sam, w…

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08/15/16 - Learning to Trust Each Other

A Watch: Kaylyn, Caleb, Kathryn, Scott, Olivia, Kyle

Today we sailed from Gloucester to Star Island in the Isle of Shoals. There was absolutely no sea sickness which was a bonus. We saw Fin whales and Minke whales. They came a lot closer to the boat then they have been the past couple of days. Some had the opportunity to take part in maintenance proje…

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08/14/16 - Refining Skills En Route From Provincetown to Gloucester

C Watch: Nate, Joelle, Tommy, Alyssa, Claire, Dominic, Bryan, Miranda

This morning we set sail out of Provincetown, Massachusetts, and as we sailed out of the bay we saw lots of ocean life including dolphins, whales, oceanic sunfish, and a basking shark. The shark was frightening but exhilarating to see. We went swimming and it was cold so some people were unsure abou…

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08/13/16 - Sail Training Underway in Mass Bay

B Watch: Dayton, Paul, Tashin, Maggie, Desirae

Last night was our first anchor watch. It was more fun than expected and toward the end as the clouds blew away the stars became visible. During the night we also discovered that bio-luminescent phytoplankton were in the harbor and they looked like fireflies and glitter in the water. Even though non…

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08/12/16 - Seacoast Youth Services Weighs Anchor

A Watch: Kaylyn, Katie, Olivia, Scott, Caleb, Kyle

Today we learned the responsibilities of the ship. It made us feel safe on the boat as well as becoming closer to one another. We did multiple activities including steering the boat, learning to tie specific knots and team building exercises. We learned many more things like anchoring the boat and r…

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