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09/26/16 - Roseway Sets Sail with Students from Proctor Academy

Proctor's Ocean Classroom program set sail for the 23rd year out of Gloucester Harbor Friday afternoon. Each September since 1994, twenty-two Proctor students have boarded an authentic tall ship and learned to sail the 137 foot schooner. Over the past three years, Proctor's partnership with World Oc…

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11/17/14 - Final Exams Aboard

It's hard to believe that it's final exam time on Roseway. Students have been at sea studying and learning for over eight weeks and now they have to put their knowledge and experience to the test. But this is not your typical academic exam-room. Anchored off of Culebra in the warm Caribbean sun, the…

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11/11/14 - Aloft

By Valerian Clerc

Going Aloft As I sat idly in the main salon making a twine Turks head, Captain Tom walked up, asking me if I was on watch (no) and if I was in the middle of some work (also no). I thought that he was going to tell me to clear out and make room for the active watch, but instead he told me to follow …

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11/05/14 - Updates from Sea

The intrepid students of Proctor Academy continue to voyage aboard Roseway, having just made landfall in St. Croix after 10 days at sea. As they carry out their studies in Maritime Science, Maritime History, Maritime Literature, and Navigations and Seamanship, they are also exploring new worlds both…

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10/22/14 - The First Long Passage

By Andrew Edwards

Reflections from our first long passage: Norfolk VA to Savannah GASpending 5 days on the water and not being able to see land is an experience like no other. As you look out over the empty horizon you feel as if you, the ship and the others with you are the only ones on the planet. Occasional ships …

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10/19/14 - Reflections from Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island

By Erica Sullivan

Our last port of call was Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia. On Tuesday and Wednesday while our friends back at Proctor were in classes, we spent the days exploring this beautiful island. My favorite part was getting to spend time both afternoons playing on the beach and body surfing in the…

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10/13/14 - Dolphins at the Bow!

By Maggie Royal

A little before the sunset on Friday I was looking out for boats with my bow watch partner and we spotted some dolphins. We went to the rail and watched them swim towards us. Then they turned and started swimming alongside the bow of our boat. They were close enough to our boat that I could have tou…

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10/08/14 - A Port Stop in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland B

By Will Bullion

Baltimore is a great city. Before my time there with Ocean Classroom, I had only been to the airport and never had a chance to explore. We docked right outside of the Baltimore Aquarium and our spot had a beautiful view of the inner harbor and the skyline of downtown. Our group had only gotten a gli…

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10/03/14 - Community Service in Baltimore

Today our hard-working sailors spent the morning at the KIPP School in Baltimore, visiting middle and elementary school classes, sharing their experiences at sea, and assisting in the science classes. The Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) is a nationwide network of free open-enrollment college-prepa…

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09/27/14 - Report from Sea

Proctor student Erika Florian reports in from Long Island Sound:The first couple of days aboard the Roseway were without a doubt overwhelming. We were immediately thrown into being working hands aboard the ship, and it was definitely something that was hard to prepare for. But as soon as we set sail…

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09/22/14 - All Aboard Proctor Academy

On this beautiful fall day in New England, atop the sparkling water and beneath the bright blue sky, a great adventure begins. This afternoon, twenty-one juniors and seniors from New Hampshire's Proctor Academy, embarked on the 2014 Ocean Classroom program aboard Roseway. Joining forces with the Wor…

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