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12/15/16 - Oakwood School: Immersion

Today our core value was immersion, and what better way to immerse ourselves than by jumpin’ into the crystal blue water alongside some turtles? But before we could begin our day, our underclassman took charge with breakfast and chores. Once we finished our chores, we powered up the engines and made…

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12/14/16 - Oakwood School: Teamwork

This morning we were given the challenge to utilize teamwork to go through the morning procedures without the help of the Roseway staff. We used teamwork to go through the morning muster, eating breakfast, doing chores, and setting sail. During this period of time, we could only use each other’s kno…

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12/13/16 - Oakwood School: Respect

Respect for ship, ship-mate, and self was today’s guiding theme. We started our day with our morning chores like cleaning the deck, cleaning the heads and doing boat checks to show our commitment to Roseway.  Throughout the day, as our ship-mates fell ill due to choppy waters, we took care and watch…

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12/12/16 - Oakwood School: Awareness

Today we practiced behavioral, safety, and environmental awareness. We started the morning off by learning about coral from Brett. This connects with environmental awareness because we learned about our effect on the environment. The day greeted us with continual showers. As Californians, this was s…

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12/11/16 - Oakwood School: Communication

Today we chose five core values to focus on during our voyage.  The one we focused on today was communication.   We practiced using communication during our daily activities such as tacking.  Communication is a very important part of sailing in multiple ways.  Verbal communication and non-verbal com…

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12/10/16 - First Impressions: Oakwood School Sets Sail Aboard Roseway

A Watch

The beginning of our journey started with three things: work, humidity, and sauce. Arriving at the Roseway, we began by boarding ourselves and our luggage into our bunks and immediately, after a small snack of grapes, sweaty cheese and saltines, we listened to a safety briefing from Captain Tom, and…

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