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08/04/16 - A Whale of a Good Time!

A Watch: Emily, Aiden, Leda, Sarah, Antonio, Nick

Today, we had a WHALE of a good time. We finally left Gloucester this morning and started sailing back toward Stellwagen Bank, which is rich in the plankton that whales need.. On the trip through Stellwagen we encountered two separate associations of both minke whales and humpbacks. Duane daringly c…

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08/03/16 - Putting the Unity in Community

C Watch: Aoife D, Eric H, Thomas K, Madison L, Sophie M, Owen S, Mika S

The third day on the Roseway was an eventful one, despite the fact that we were stationary.  In the face of broken generators, which prevented us from hauling back (raising the anchor) and leaving Gloucester Harbor, we traversed ourselves and our boundaries as if we were sailing.…

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08/02/16 - A New Day Brings New Skills

B Watch: Lexi, Jonathan, Trey, Drew, Amber, Olivia

Tuesday August 2nd was the second day of our five day trip. We woke up this morning still tired from anchor watches the night before and expecting rain during breakfast. Fortunately, the gray skies cleared and the rain never came. We were able to eat breakfast, finish chores, set sail and get underw…

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08/06/15 - Whales Ho!

A Watch: Teddy P., Isabella, Sydney, Owen, Aiden H., Jacalyn, Arianna

Today, we woke up and went straight to work. Hauling up sails and coiling lots of line. Teddy did his first balentine coil. Then we had breakfast. Nutella was had. Lots of Nutella. This is the beginning of a day with epic proportions. Everyone had supremely loooooong watches. For the next rotation, …

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08/05/15 - Rainbows from the Rig

Stellwagen Bank

C Watch: Aidan, Emily, Tatyana, Niamh, Aliviya, Shannon, Hix,Michael C.

After our first anchor watch we all awoke to a wet morning, we could hear the distant rumblings of the thunder and the piercing brightness of the lightning. We braced ourselves for a rainy day. We then ate breakfast which consisted of eggs, sausage and pancakes that we had to eat below decks, huddle…

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08/04/15 - Kids of New England Aquarium Set Sail

Boston Harbor

B Watch: Teddy P., Sydney, Isabella, Owen, Jackie, Aiden H., Arianna

To start our first day on the Roseway, we did an introductory circle activity with all campers and staff. We learned the names of everyone who would be on the ship. We did “I’m A Star’s” and it was really fun. You jump and make a star with your body by spreading your legs and arms and screaming “I’…

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