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01/21/16 - One Last Sail: Returning to St. Croix

B Watch: Katie, Claire, Morgan, Carter, Amanda

Today we took our last sail on the Roseway as we traveled to St. Croix. A ten hour sail gave us time to enjoy the ship and reflect on our voyage. As we climbed out on the bowsprit (the wooden spear at the front of the ship) we took the opportunity to think about our time here in the Virgin Islands.…

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01/19/16 - At One with the Turtles

C Watch

Today was… TURTLE DAY!!! After an early breakfast we headed over to a sea turtle preserve and had the opportunity to snorkel among Hawksbill and Green sea turtles. We were amazed at how close these magnificent creatures came to us. We also saw sting rays, sea cucumbers, starfish and sea eggs. After …

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01/18/16 - A View from the Top and Bound for the Spanish Virgin Islands

B Watch: Amanda, Carter, Morgan, Katie, Claire L

Today we started our day off early with a downhill hike to Reef Bay. Inside the national park we saw golden orb spiders, hermit crabs a plenty and fruit bats. Along the way down the trail we learned all about the different trees the Taino Indians and early European settlers used to survive on the is…

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01/17/16 - Education Underway on a Sunday Funday

A Watch: Katy, Kennedy, Erik, Froeydis, Abbi, Anna

Today was our second day anchored at Maho Bay, but just because we didn’t hoist the sails on the Roseway doesn’t mean we didn’t have one of the fullest experiences yet. We began the day with morning chores and a thoughtful class discussion about our two slave narrative readings; among the difficult …

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01/14/16 - Moods of the Sea

Froeydis, Erik, Claire F

The sea is a fickle mistress, her moods like a pendulum. One day she is sweet and soft, the next; full of fury and spite. To judge the mood of the mighty force, listen to her roar. Listen to her humShe can kiss a sailor safely to port, but watch out for the deadly bite.When she is pleased, her gentl…

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01/13/16 - Heading Out Into the Blue

B Watch: Morgan, Katie, Claire L, Carter, Amanda

We woke up to a glorious morning still in shock at the landscape. We set sail from Yacht Haven Grande just after breakfast, learning how to coordinate while hauling on the halyards to raise the sails was a challenge and we’re excited to continue improving. As we sailed east we coiled down the halyar…

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01/11/16 - Welcome Aboard Luther College

A Watch: Erik, Abbi, Katy, Froeydis, Anna, Kennedy

Leaving the negative temperatures of the Midwest behind, we were in awe of the colors of St. Thomas that came into view as we descended from the clouds this afternoon. Bright green palm trees, clear and shimmering turquoise waters, and bursts of colorful flowers overwhelmed our senses. As we walked …

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01/22/15 - The Voyage Conclusion

Day 11 – Thursday January 22, 2015 --- SEA Watch Today we moved Roseway from our anchorage to the cruise ship dock at 09:00, after a breakfast of oatmeal and fruit. After breakfast, we practiced performing our assigned poems for the highly anticipated Luther College Poetry Slam! taking place toni…

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01/21/15 - San Juan Bound

Day 10 – Wednesday, January 21, 2015 Today was a really long day of sailing. We are all sunburned and tired from the constant sunshine. After a rousing breakfast of French toast and bacon, the group gathered for class on the deck. We discussed letters written by a 20 year old Norwegian girl, during…

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01/20/15 - Green Turtles and A Sleepy Village

Day 9- Tuesday, January 20, 2015 Today, Luther’s students were able to have an extra half – hour of sleep, we mustered and spat our sick rhymes (our anchor-watch raps). After a class discussion about female pirates and gender identification in the 1800’s, we explored the sea turtle sanctuary. The …

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01/19/15 - From USVI to Spanish VI

Today as we sit down to write our ship log, we can’t help but look back and reminisce fondly of today’s adventures aboard the Roseway. After a dark and not-so-stormy night, we woke up, ate muffins, and didn’t do chores in hopes of getting an earlier start to our day. Our day started with heading int…

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01/18/15 - A Day at Bay

Day 7 Today was a chill day. We woke up and followed breakfast with our sonnets from the previous night’s anchor watch. It was a change of pace compared to the humorous writings we had been doing before. It’ll be cool to have them all put together into a sonnet cycle, and then printed out and distr…

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01/17/15 - Treasure Island and Beyond

Friday, January 16, 2015 Dialogues performed by anchor watches in am before breakfast. After breakfast, we sailed from Virgin Gorda to Norman Island, the island that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to write Treasure Island. After anchoring, Luther and Roseway crew hiked to the top of Spyglass Hill,…

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01/15/15 - Sir Francis Drake Channel to Gorda Sound

Day 4 - Thursday, January 15, 2015 We woke up and read our riddle poems from the previous anchor watch. People were slightly upset by the bell riddle; we decided it was too tricky and misleading. We had breakfast and had a good class discussion, talking about the Jack London reading. We debated the…

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01/14/15 - From Jost Van Dyke to Bitter End

Day 3, January 14, 2015 18 28 646 N / 64 25 171 W Mustered at 07:00, breakfast at 08:00. Shortly thereafter, S/V Roseway set sail from anchorage off of Jost Van Dyke, BVI through the Sir Francis Drake channel headed toward Virgin Gorda. Class was held once sails were set and lasted around 45 minu…

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01/12/15 - Luther College Aboard!

Day 1 – Monday, January 12, 2015 No complaints at the 3 a.m. wakeup call, because of the eventual destination. First plane took off at 5:30—a bit hard to be excited that early, but a few hours of sleep on the plane helped. Getting off the plane in Miami made it real, with the warm weather. This ha…

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01/19/14 - Last Day Aboard Roseway

Today we moored off of Christiansted in St Croix. We spent the morning snorkeling around Protestant Cay, seeing turtles, flounders, sting rays, puffer fish, and starfish. We also spent some time on the beach. After lunch onboard, we had some time on shore. We explored the historic Fort Christian. Th…

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01/18/14 - Mayday!

Watch A: The Alpha Dogs (Mark, Jane, Sam, Alayna, and Taryn)

We want to build a snowman. Just kidding, we want to stay here. Today on this ninth day of our voyage upon the Roseway, after a delicious breakfast from Sue, we set sail. We sailed straight for about six hours. During that time, we worked on our seaman-ship: tying knots, learning the pins, and navig…

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01/17/14 - Climbing Aloft and Kicking Back at the Beach

Watch C: Colin, Anne, Phil, Jenna, Micki

Today, C Watch practiced our navigation skills and line identification while the other groups got to climb the rigging. After lunch on board, we went ashore to take an archaeology tour of a sugar mill and distillery at Cinnamon Bay on St. John. After, most of the group went on a short hike and then …

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01/16/14 - Tales of the Sea in St. John

Watch B: Allison, Alanna, Kate, Kai, Walker, Matt

Today we went on a nature hike in St. Johns National Park, on the Reef Bay trail! The hike started with a drive up the hill in an open cab taxi. We got a taste of the windy narrow Virgin Island roads. During the hike our guide, Laurel, showed us various plants such as the Bay Rum tree (which smells …

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01/15/14 - Back Into U.S. Waters

Again, we've been out of range for the last few days so here's an update on what we've been up to:January 14th C Watch: Anne, Micki, Phil, Jenna and ColinWe were so busy yesterday small boat sailing at the Bitter End Sailing School that we didn’t have time to write a log. We had a great time working…

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01/09/14 - And We're Off….Luther College Sets Sail

Watch A: Alpha Dogs, Sam, Alayna, Jane, Taryn, Mark

We, the Luther students of Decorah, Iowa arrived on this the ninth day of January, on the island of St. Thomas. We are all very happy that it is about 100 degrees warmer here than it was in Decorah. We boarded the Roseway and were taken on a tour of the ship. After our initial orientation we got …

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