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01/06/17 - Landmark College: Respect

Today we discussed respect, and how we can channel more respect in our lives. We showed respect to each other today by showing good sportsmanship during the Deckhand Olympics, giving support – emotionally and physically – when we climbed the rigging, checking in with each other throughout the day to…

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01/03/17 - Landmark College: First Impressions

Before we boarded the Roseway, we had high expectations for this particular trip. For some of us it was the first time being on a sail boat and a new experience. A lot of us were expecting a challenge, knowing beforehand the tasks necessary to operate this kind of ship. We met the crew members this …

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01/09/16 - January 7 Ships Log

​B Watch: Clark, Kasey, Simone​

B watch best watch! B watch best blog! This morning on anchor watch the stars above were amazing. We were able to see a couple planets, one of which we believe was Jupiter, Simone saw a shooting star, and we also saw a satellite. What a view of the night sky that we see aboard the Roseway. Th…

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01/05/16 - Sailing, Sunsets, and Bubbly Pools

C Watch: Mary, Dawn, Greg

C-Watch is taking over. We started the day before the sun even rose with anchor watch. During which we checked all of the ships systems and took bearings to make sure our anchor wasn’t dragging all while everyone else was asleep. We were able to finish our duties quickly enough to be able to do madl…

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01/04/16 - Landmark College is Underway

St. John, USVI

B Watch: Clark, Kasey, Simone

B-Watch the objectively best watch! Today we finally set sail and the sights were amazing, Simone and Kasey dealt with sea sickness among with many others but not even that could ruin their spirt. The weather was perfect for us as we sailed away from St. Thomas. One of our favorite parts was coming …

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