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06/08/16 - Haley Pilot School 4th Graders Set Sail

Boston Harbor

By Monica McCallum, Education Coordinator

This week Roseway has been riddled with 4th graders from Haley Pilot! They have been exploring the boat, learning some serious sailor skills, and getting excited to build their own boats in 5th grade with Community Boat Building! With all of this experience checking out charts and learning how to na…

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09/21/13 - A Farewell to Ms. Eden

In the Fall of 2009 a farm girl from Oregon left behind her land life and hopped aboard Roseway for what she thought would be a short adventure. She’d heard about the World Ocean School from a childhood friend whose uncle happened to be one of the school’s founders and captains. Despite never having…

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09/18/13 - Haley Pilot School Sets Sail

Watch C: Maya, Jaden, Jovens, Mary

Today on the Roseway, we came down on the dock and did some “I’m a star”, we got a tour of the ship, before we started sailing we went over the ship’s rules, and we lifted the 4 sails.First, when we lifted the 4 sails (Main sail, the fore sail, jib and the jumbo sails!) After we broke up in are watc…

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09/16/13 - Boston Public School's 6th-Graders Set Sail

Watch B: Jack, Naylana, AJ, Armony, Danny (Haley Pilot School)

We started by doing I’m a stars. It felt good. We first kneeled down and then we DID A HUGE jump and said “Im a star” and we felt loud and proud. Then we went into groups, called watches. The Roseway crew gave us a tour and we saw all the parts of the boat and kind of trained for the deckhand Olympi…

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06/15/12 - More Awesome 4th Graders

Today wrapped up another great week with the rest of the 4th graders from the Haley Pilot School in Roslindale. Mary, Ryan, Julius and Jaison even helped us dock the boat today with great heaving line throws. The entire class was full of energy. They all became eager sailors this week, getting an au…

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06/08/12 - Rockin' the Week with 4th and 8th graders

Along with our continuing work with Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter School 8th graders in the afternoons, we had a stellar week with 4th graders from the Haley Pilot School each morning this week. They braved the wet and cold start to the week and finished it out with fantastic sunshine and great…

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