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06/27/13 - Deckhand Olympics and Foggy Sailing

We woke up this morning to the sound of Dutch dancing. Many layers were necessary as it was already raining! What a beautiful morning of fog. The night before we had spent in Gloucester Harbor, crawling into our beds and hearing the joyful screams of the fiesta from the shore. We started off the mor…

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06/26/13 - Seeking Whales at Stellwagon Bank

At 0700 we roll out of bed and we were awoken with ‘I’m a Stars’ (that’s when you yell ‘I’m a star’ as loud as you can while doing jumping jacks). Began the day’s chores, then we had a lovely meal of eggy French toast prepared for us by Ms. Della. After that we broke off into our respective watch gr…

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06/25/13 - Discovery Bound: Bound for Sea

Today we sailed for what seemed to be a year long journey. It was windy, harsh, wet and cold, which apparently is what sailing is like. Who would have known? We started with our dock watch with some heavy warmth and a breakfast of champions. Kisses to the cook. We then experienced three different ‘l…

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06/28/12 - Watch B Reports from Boston Harbor Islands

Watch B: Lauren, Nathan, Liam, Samuel, Megan, and Cecily

Greetings fellow readers! Today we were awoken early by the crew and rushed to get dressed and ready to raise sail. We set out from Provincetown towards Gloucester with a very windy start of 7.8 knots. It was so rough that Megan's sunglasses flew off her head and through a scupper then into the ocea…

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06/25/12 - Discovery Bound Sets Sail

Monday's Ship's Log by Watch B (Rodney. Simone. Patrick. Sam, Lauren, Cecily, Megan, Liam, Nathan ) Yesterday was our first day. We acclimated ourselves with the boat and got to know everybody. We learned how to set sail on the Boston Harbor. At 0700 today we all woke up. A little tired but okay…

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