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07/22/15 - Whales from the Bowsprit


B Watch: Hilda, Fatou, Ihsan, Mariela, and Aridyan

As we wake up to stars shining on the Roseway, we prepare for our first anchor watch. With a sweet midnight snack to wake us up from the rocking of the waves, we checked if the boat was in good health all around. In the free minutes we had in the darkness of the sky we continued to learn where we wo…

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03/19/15 - Underway St. Paddy's Day!

A Watch: Fran, Indiana Heinrick, Joaquim, Judas, Brent, and Annie

We started the top of the morning with a quaint breakfast from Danni the magician of meals, the sorcerer of supper, and PUT THAT MEAL TO REST. The breakfast consisted of berries, presumably fresh from the garden, and a blueberry scone that the galley insisted was coffee cake. After breakfast, we di…

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