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09/02/15 - It Was A Seamanship Wednesday

Long Island

B Watch: Christina, Khanh, Nayely, Kiana, Karel, Tyler, Cullen

It’s our second day on the Roseway, and it’s tiresome tonight even though we had an amazing day of trying different things. Our day started at numerous times this morning when students were woken between the times of 11:00pm to 6:00am to attend Anchor Watch. Cullen: I felt exhausted because I didn’t…

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09/01/15 - Beacon Academy is Underway

Peddocks Island

A Watch: Vanessa, Erika, Ysael, Persia, Alene, Cole, Iara

It’s Beacon Academy’s first day on board the Roseway! We started off our day by introducing ourselves to each other. Then we did our opening circle and “I’m A Stars!”. We broke into watch groups and learned more about the boat. Once we underway, we raised 4000 lbs worth of sail. We felt accomplish…

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