Summer Ambassador 2020: Day Seven

Summer Ambassador 2020: Day Seven

Great Misery Island, MA

Edward and Gianna

Thursday, August 20, 2020 

Today we began in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We started to make our way South towards Rockport and began our JWO (Junior Watch Officer) rotation. The JWO is a position where students control the ship with the help of the Captain and First mate Greg. The first two JWOs were Eddie and Garrett. We were sailing to Rockport when we realized that we have an abundance of time on our hands and decided to go further down the coast. We sailed past Rockport and rounded the curve to head towards Manchester by the Sea. During this time both Starboard and Port watches took turns preparing for the Schooner Olympics. The Schooner Olympics are a competition between the watches to see who knows the boat the best. We have competitions such as pin race, coiling lines, and knot tying. We got to Manchester by the Sea in the late afternoon and prepped to have an amazing dinner of rice, pulled pork, potatoes, and salad. We then started to read "In the Heart of the Sea" with Morgan and created a navigation plan for our final 2 days. We are now writing this the next morning because we forgot to finish it last night. Looking back on the great day we had, but looking forward to our 2 final days full of adventure, whales, climbing, swimming, and knot tying.


Edward & Gianna