Summer Ambassador 2020: Day Three

Summer Ambassador 2020: Day Three

Gloucester, MA


Sunday, August 16, 2020  

Today we woke up in Boston to some pretty chilly weather. Sean's breakfast definitely made up for it. We ate bacon, eggs, potatoes, and cantaloupe. After breakfast, we were all eager to set sail. Although the weather was a bit rocky, we quickly left the dock and raised the sails as a team. While sailing out of the Boston Harbor towards Gloucester, we did rotations. Starboard watch began with steering at the helm, bow watch, and navigation skills. Port watch began by learning names of different parts of the ship. It was all fun and games until a few people unfortunately grew sea sick. People took Bonine and ate ginger candies hoping to feel better. At this time it was time for another delicious meal. We ate meat, rice, and veggies stuffed in a green pepper. It was unique and very tasty. 

After lunch, we tacked in the wind for a little bit while watch groups switched rotations. The weather did not clear up and several people were feeling seasick. Once we anchored in Gloucester, everyone felt much better due to no more motion of the boat. We set up the awning above us because it was still raining slightly. Sean made us tasty tacos with chicken, salsa, salad, and white rice. We are now doing evening chores and will soon muster. Everyone will definitely sleep soundly tonight as we prepare for another day full of adventure!