Summer Ambassador 2020: Day Two

Summer Ambassador 2020: Day Two

Moakley Fedeal Courthouse Dock, Seaport District, Boston


Saturday, August 16, 2020

Today was day #2! I woke up bright and early at 6:15 to do my first anchor watch this trip. We did our boat checks and plotted distances to several different locations we are considering visiting this trip. We then had delicious chocolate cake pops which made for a perfect ending to a successful anchor watch. Next we woke everyone up and got ready for breakfast. At breakfast time unfortunately we were still having electricity problems. Despite that we had delicious bacon croissants and melons which was a great meal to start up our day! After breakfast we did line handling lessons and got to learn about weather patterns which was really cool. We also got to work with bosunry tools to start constructing our watch flags! Each of the two watches worked on individual Port Watch and Starboard Watch flags.

For lunch, we had sandwiches and salad with chips. The sandwiches were very good and the salad even had blueberries. To start our afternoon we had a points-of-sail lesson with Morgan on a really cool model he built. We learned about different ways of handling sails depending on our intended path and the wind direction. We also learned about parts of sail rigging. After our lesson we sang a sea shanty and danced around. Next we played 2 Rooms and a Boom again but with some cool new cards. After this we had free time to practice throwing lines and to work on our flags. 

To end off a good day we ate a delicious meal of steak, salad with goat cheese, and rice with veggies! As the day came to a close the electrical problem was fixed which means we can now go sailing! Even though we never got to leave the dock we all still had a wonderful day!