09/09/09 - Distracted from Winning

Distracted from Winning

The truth is, we only just found out today who won the Fisherman's Cup Race from Gloucester to Provincetown yesterday so clearly we aren't committed racers (see September 5 Ship's Log). We just got news that Alabama won--congrats guys! There was not a breath of wind which led to all boats motoring for the first 20 miles--not a good start to a schooner race. And the wind really didn't improve so racing was a bit of a moot point. However, calm waters, sunny skies, and proximity to Stellwagon Bank lead to one great thing: WHALES! So many whales so close and so happy! There was a virtual frolicking of whales surrounding Roseway. To prove that racing was not the main priority, we actually altered course out of the race to follow our large marine friends.

We did arrive in Provincetown well after dark and today we are catching the wind back to Boston, blissfully prepared to be set off course again by our tantalizing friends.