09/05/09 - It's How You Play the Game

It's How You Play the Game

So the answer is, no, we did not win the Gloucester Schooner Race. But it's not winning that matters--it's how you play the game! In fact, we have never won the race and as long as John Foss is sailing the American Eagle, we will most likely never win. American Eagle, as always, gave a stellar performance and we look to them in awe!

It's fair to say, though, that in today's race, we played a good game. Coming in fourth out of dozens of schooners large and small is not so shabby. Wind was 8-10 out of the northeast with huge rollers which made for a rocky ride. Roseway started behind and ended behind, but fun was had by all and the weather was just what you hope for in early September. And hey, we got to fly our topsail which we never get to do. On to the Fisherman's Cup race on Tuesday where we have a chance to defend our first place title from last year!