09/04/13 - Beacon Academy Goes to Sea

Beacon Academy Goes to Sea

Watch A: Darius, Cobey, Ikenna, Katherine, Zenobia, Taylor & Tajah

Today was our first day on the Roseway. It was different than what we expected. We expected it to be recreational and very relaxing, but some other people didn’t expect anything at all. Our adventure on the Roseway started off with a safety tour. Teaching us about the parts of the boat, (stern, bow, port, etc.). Our first teamwork activity was the human knot. We raised the sails, headed off and started with boat checks and bow watch. After that we went on the bow sprit, learned some knots, did a navigation station, and climbed the rig. The whole day was very fun but also very challenging. The Roseway was a great opportunity and is leaving us as more of a team. The day left me speechless and I can’t wait until tomorrow. (And the food was great! Thanks Della!)