09/27/14 - Report from Sea

Report from Sea

Proctor student Erika Florian reports in from Long Island Sound:

The first couple of days aboard the Roseway were without a doubt overwhelming. We were immediately thrown into being working hands aboard the ship, and it was definitely something that was hard to prepare for. But as soon as we set sail, I looked up at the majestic red sails that all 33 of us had raised. This was the moment that I had been waiting for… our journey had begun.

Today is only our fourth day aboard Roseway and she already feels like home to me. Every single one of my senses is on high alert aboard this ship. I can feel the slow rocking back and forth as the floorboards creak and shake from the mighty wind forced upon the sail. The moist salty air and cool wind graze my face as I repeat the commands given by Captain Tom with a strong and mighty voice. The waves crash over the hull as we heave the salty ropes and strengthen the sails above us. In just a few days, these senses have become normal. Our crew keeps getting closer and closer, and our knowledge of Roseway broadens everyday. This is our home, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

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