09/26/11 - Wrapping Up A Maritime Weekend

Wrapping Up A Maritime Weekend

Despite torrential downpours Friday night, 18 (5-8th grade) students from all over Massachusetts came on board Roseway at 7am Saturday morning to work together and sail to Provincetown and back. It wasn't great weather for fast sailing but we made it to Provincetown in good time. Students had a chance to climb the historic Cape Cod lighthouse and learn about the history of the Cape, sailing and traditions, and how cultures combine over time. They even played the drums and danced celebrating Wampanoag tradition. They were having so much fun that getting students to sleep was not easy, and one of the students actually reported that he thought the most challenging part of the program was "Falling asleep because I was so excited about the next day!"

We had another early start in Provincetown Sunday morning to ensure we got these young sailors back to Boston by evening, although we had to kick the engine into gear as the day proved windless and foggy. The students didn't seem to mind as they ran the boat and learned the ins and outs of life aboard a ship, working together with their new friends from all different races and backgrounds. From working together in deckhand olympics, to discussions about culture and community, these students broke down barriers and cultivated new relationships and lasting memories as fellow members of the Roseway. Students reported that "we had an AWESOME time! It was so fun!!! You should have been there. I learned tons of cool new stuff." They were greeted by family and friends on the dock at Fan Pier and said good bye to each other, exchanging phone numbers and hugs with their new friends.