09/21/09 - All Hauled Out and Nowhere to Go

All Hauled Out and Nowhere to Go

Annual haul-out is the sign of another year come and gone. It marks the end of our summer season and the preparation for a whole new year to come.

On the high tide this afternoon, Roseway inched her way out of the water at the Gloucester Marine Railway in Gloucester, Massachusetts (the oldest continually operating marine railway in the country by the way). It's kind of a love story really--historic landmark ship meets historic railway and sparks fly (literally).

Anyway, Roseway now sits like a fish out of water waiting patiently for the numerous projects that will shape her up. If you think Roseway looks big in the water, you should drop by the yard and see what 260 tons looks like on land! Captain Dwight has put away the flip flops and donned the work boots: it's yard time! In a couple of weeks she'll slide back down that railway and set her sights on southern waters.