09/18/13 - Haley Pilot School Sets Sail

Haley Pilot School Sets Sail

Watch C: Maya, Jaden, Jovens, Mary

Today on the Roseway, we came down on the dock and did some “I’m a star”, we got a tour of the ship, before we started sailing we went over the ship’s rules, and we lifted the 4 sails.

First, when we lifted the 4 sails (Main sail, the fore sail, jib and the jumbo sails!) After we broke up in are watch groups and learned about lift with high and low pressure, how a 260 tons ship can float, tied some knots (figure eight and square knot) and made some coils. Then we went on the bowsprit for the end of the day.

After that we let the sails down and had dinner which was macaroni, salad, American chop suey and then to top it all off we had a brownie with whip cream and mint vanilla ice cream for dessert. Then we had to wash the dishes. Tonight, we will have anchor watch and we can’t wait until tomorrow will bring!!!!!!!!!