09/16/13 - Boston Public School's 6th-Graders Set Sail

Boston Public School's 6th-Graders Set Sail

Watch B: Jack, Naylana, AJ, Armony, Danny (Haley Pilot School)

We started by doing I’m a stars. It felt good. We first kneeled down and then we DID A HUGE jump and said “Im a star” and we felt loud and proud. Then we went into groups, called watches. The Roseway crew gave us a tour and we saw all the parts of the boat and kind of trained for the deckhand Olympics! We ate, we went sailing and the engine shut-off and we knew that we were sailing. Also we learned a lot of the navigation and ecology. The Funnest part was when we went out on the very very very tip of the boat we scooted on the very point and it was fun talking, saying jokes and laughing. Oh I almost forgot we also got to steer the boat with our awesome captain. At the last part we anchored and the boat stopped. We also ate dinner talked like a full family.