09/10/12 - Eliot K-8 School on Roseway

Eliot K-8 School on Roseway

This morning truly felt like it marked the beginning of fall on board Roseway with cool autumn breezes and our first program of this academic year. Twenty-six 7th and 8th graders from Eliot K-8 School ventured down the Harbor walk from the North End this morning to meet us at Fan Pier and experience sailing Roseway in Boston harbor. Understanding the successes they can have together as a class, working well through good communication and teamwork and achieving things they initially thought were impossible were all part of the day's lessons. They came on this morning doubting their abilities to untie human-tangled knots, unsure that they could raise 4,000 pounds of sail, and scared about stepping out over the water on the bowsprit. However, these Eliot 7th and 8th graders left with enthusiastic thank you's, grins on their wind-blown faces, and their heads held high that they did it all!

What a way to kick off a school year : seeing their neighborhood Old North Church steeple from a new vantage point, navigating their way through the harbor and now into this school year with a new understanding of their strengths, abilities and successes, and recognizing that overcoming challenges can be remarkably rewarding. It was a fantastic morning for Eliot K-8 School to kick off the school year and we wish them the very best and hope that when stuff gets hard this year and they claim they "can't do it." Hopefully they will remember what it felt like to be out on the tip of the bowsprit recognizing that they really CAN make it happen.