Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 7

Senior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 7

Fishers Island, New York (Long Island Sound)

Jovany and Elian

Tuesday, August 10, 2021  

Today we had banana, blueberry, and bacon pancakes with sausages for breakfast. Then we motored to Fishers Island where we learned about the movement of oysters called the Billion Oyster Project. Before that we swam in the water and did a science experiment to learn and test buoyancy of different boats. On Fishers Island we went to a baseball field and a bunch of us played baseball for the afternoon while another group was playing wrestling. After we got ice cream. After our long day of learning about oysters and playing games, we came back to the boat for a delicious pasta made by our great cook Della. Tomorrow we are going to sail to Martha’s Vineyard.


Versión español

Hoy desayunamos panqueques de plátano, arándano, y tocino con chorizo. Después viajamos con motor a Fishers Island donde aprendimos sobre el movimiento de ostras conocido como el Proyecto Mil Millones de Ostras. Antes de eso nadamos y hicimos un experimento para aprender y probar la flotabilidad de diferentes barcos. En Fishers Island fuimos a un campo de beisbol y unxs de nosotrxs jugamos beisbol por la tarde mientras otro grupo jugaba wrestling. Después comimos helados. Después de un día largo de aprender sobre ostras y jugar, regresamos al barco para una rica cena de pasta hecha por nuestra cocinera excelente Della. Mañana vamos a viajar a Martha's Vineyard.