Welcome to Tall Ships: Piers Park Sailing Center

Welcome to Tall Ships: Piers Park Sailing Center

Boston Harbor


Wednesday, October 6, 2021  

We hove to outside the Piers Park cove as the young sailors boarded Roseway from their launch boats. Introductions were made and safety procedures were briefed. With no time to lose, we set the students to task setting sails. The young sailors were put to the test raising sails much heavier than they were used to hauling aboard their 23-foot Piers Park Sonars. 

When the hard work was done, we compared and contrasted our large tall ship to their sailboats at the park. "How are these boats alike?" "They have sails!" a student excitedly answered. "How are they different?" "You have a main and a jib, like our boats, but I don't know those other sails," an astute student mused.

That served as the perfect segue to break up the watches and show them around. Alpha Watch toured the ship with deckhand Rob. "Where is your TV?" I heard a student query. "We don't have one. We mostly just play Settlers of Catan." "Whoa," the student exclaimed. Bravo Watch set and struck the jib with mates Ms. Larson and Mr. Terry, who showed the young sailors that we must use communication and teamwork to properly sweat the halyard. Charlie Watch got to let their artistic abilities flow with deckhands Kevin and Eli, talking about sailor tattoos. The deckhands explained that sailors would mark themselves for different achievements they accomplished. "A swallow represents 5,000 nautical miles sailed. What accomplishment would you want to mark with a tattoo?" The young sailors gave themselves faux ink markings for what they were proud of.

The end flew fast on us and so it came time to take sail and offboard the young sailors, but not without a final reflection of how our sailboats are different, and this time the comparison was much deeper. Thanks to Piers Park for another great day on the water with their young sailors!