Ship's Log

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08/18/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Nine

Bissel Cove, Rhode Island

Sathi and Nick

Today we left Block Island for our journey to Bissel Cove, Rhode Island. For breakfast we had arepas, greek yogurt, and bacon. The watch officers and JWOs woke up at 7:00 to raise the anchor and get on our way. While on our way we had lunch which was tomato soup and grilled chees…

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08/17/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Eight

Old Salt Pond, Block Island

Jake and Aydin

Today’s early wake up was justified by the plentiful opportunities for adventure that our ever-loyal crew provided us with. We were woken up with Brandyn’s informational yet fanciful description of the weather. Sluggishly, we packed our bags and crawled up the ladder to the deck,…

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08/16/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Seven

Old Salt Pond, Block Island

William and Felix

We started the day off with breakfast burritos which consisted of eggs, sausages, rice, beans, cheese, and some tomato salsa. After we ate breakfast, we set sail to Block Island, leaving Greenport, Long Island behind us. For lunch we had our favorites from the week. While we were…

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08/15/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Six

Greenport, NY


Today is day 6, first day of Roseway tours and community service. We ate homemade biscuits and gravy with pieces of sausage. After breakfast we started our chores and grabbed Roseway Red shirts from Hana. A-Watch and B-Watch started going to the park while C-Watch started off wit…

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08/14/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Five

Fisher’s Island, New York


Today we started out the day in Fisher’s Island, New York. At eight o’clock we ate bacon, eggs, and quinoa covered in a cane sugar syrup. Later on in the morning we had a swim call which was very nice. Afterwards we set sail and did a man overboard drill which we finished in 5 mi…

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08/13/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Four

Fisher's Island

Laci and Grace

Today was another great adventure. We started our day with rice pudding and apples. It was really good. A-Watch got to go out on the bowsprit which is the very front of the boat. Some were a little scared at first, but they still had a great time. Right as we were hoisting the sa…

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08/12/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Three

Newport, RI

Thomas and Elijah

Today is the third day on the boat. While waking up to a nice breeze we ate sausage, egg, and potatoes for breakfast. When sailing through the canal, about half-way through, Eddie’s grandparents stopped by to take a picture of Eddie. We learned shanties with with Brandyn and Grad…

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08/11/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day Two

Provincetown, MA

Eddie and Lili Rose

Today was the second day on the boat. We woke up to crew members singing Happy Birthday to JoJo. Then we had a pleasant breakfast of bagels and yogurt. After that we set sail to Provincetown. On our way to P-town we did our first day of morning chores, which consisted of a deck w…

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08/10/19 - Summer Ambassador Program 2019: Day One

Boston Harbor Islands


Today is the first day. In the morning, everyone on board, including the Junior Watch Officers, a few new students, and the crew had a nice refreshing wake up meal of pancakes, eggs, fresh orange juice, orange slices, and bacon which had been perfectly cooked and made. The meal c…

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08/04/19 - PMC: Day Six

Casco Bay

Gunnar, Oscar, and Meyer

This morning we were woken up at 7AM by the crew members singing “Hello” by Adele. We had a group morning muster, and ate oatmeal with lots of toppings for breakfast. After breakfast we broke up into our watch groups and collectively cleaned the sleeping quarters, the deck of the…

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