Ship's Log

Updates from World Ocean School aboard Schooner Roseway

03/19/20 - Gifft Hill: Day Four

Christmas Cove, STT

In the world of Roseway student crew, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise. At 0700 we awoke to the angelic voices of the Roseway Crew singing "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carleton. This morning we raised the sails at the command of Embeyah's bird-like voice. After a successfu…

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03/18/20 - Gifft Hill: Day Three

Canale de Luis Peña

Hana, Roshan, Dylan, and Bridget

This morning we were rudely awoken by the boys in the nunnery who had decided to rig up hammocks just in time to loudly hit the sole when we hauled back at 6:30 this morning. While underway and bound for Culebra, the crew attempted to wake us up with a “pretty decent” rendition o…

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03/17/20 - Gifft Hill: Day Two

Puerto Real, Vieques

Tiff, Ohsemenard, Denecia, Pierce

When we were on anchor watch, we checked the bearings, the bilges in the forepeak and the engine room, and the latitude and longitude. We woke up at 7:00 AM. Shortly after we woke up we raised the sails. After we raised the halyards, we ate breakfast and brushed our teeth. We had…

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03/16/20 - Gifft Hill: Day One

Hassel Island

Becky, Kaelen, Dennis, and Violet

Once we got on the boat we all got name tags and introduced ourselves. We then split into 3 groups. The groups we split into are A, B and C. We got a tour, and we then had tacos for lunch. After a nice lunch we set sail to leave. While on the boat we went into groups to all …

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02/27/20 - Yard 2020 is fast approaching

In less than two months, Roseway will be hauled out for her annual yard. During this time our team works alongside professional shipwrights to preserve and maintain Roseway. This year we will be replacing our blackwater tank, our cutlass bearing, and our main salon cabin house. W…

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01/16/20 - Captain's Log

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

Captain Mike Moreland

The strong trades have finally eased back and things are back to normal around here in Christensted Harbour. Cargo boats are coming and going again with a sweet little wooden cargo ‘sloop’ from Anguilla right ahead of us on the pier. Loading anything and everything from windows t…

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01/13/20 - Captain's Log

Christinasted, St. Criox, USVI

Captain Mike Moreland

January 13th, 2020 Schooner Roseway lies head to wind in Christiansted Harbour, tugging and bouncing at her mooring. The skies are quite hazy and the trade winds are quite strong, 25 - 30kts at times. Seas outside the reef have built to over 12 feet and the surf is pounding on t…

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01/11/20 - Landmark College: Day Five

Christiansted Harbor, St. Croix

Eric S. and Katie M.

January 11, 2020Day 5 The Final DayToday is Saturday but to me it feels like Sad-urday. I was originally doubtful about my time on the Roseway, however the crew helped me through. Anyways today I woke up to music on a speaker which was a nice touch as the songs sounded like shan…

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01/10/20 - Landmark College: Day Four

Christiansted Harbor and Protestant Cay, St. Croix

Dylan R. and John V.

January 10, 2020Day 4 Today on the Roseway we had a day in the harbor. We had opportunities to climb the rig, make baggy wrinkles (chafe gear for the sails), and hurl heaving lines over the side into a life ring. Almost everyone ascended to the top of the shrouds and had a looko…

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01/09/20 - Landmark College: Day Three

Christiansted, St. Croix

Abby J. and Dylan B.

January 09, 2020Day 3 Today we woke up a little bit earlier than we did yesterday. The waves were predicted to pick up later, and we wanted to go hiking before setting sail for St. Croix. We piled into the small boats and made our way to the beach before we set off into the moun…

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