10/08/14 - A Port Stop in Baltimore

A Port Stop in Baltimore

Baltimore, Maryland B

By Will Bullion

Baltimore is a great city. Before my time there with Ocean Classroom, I had only been to the airport and never had a chance to explore. We docked right outside of the Baltimore Aquarium and our spot had a beautiful view of the inner harbor and the skyline of downtown. Our group had only gotten a glimpse of the city the day before, so we were all eager to finally roam around. Our first activity following morning exercise and breakfast was a “behind the scenes” tour of the Pride of Baltimore II, a beautiful tribute to the type of warships used in the war of 1812. The boat was definitely different than ours, it looked more spacious and comfortable but it didn’t have the same feel as Roseway. I guess every ship has its own unique vibe, and nothing compares to your own.

Afterwards, we were assigned a project documenting the essence of daily life in the Fells Point neighborhood. Fells Point was a cool area. It had the upbeat, unique, nostalgic presence that one strives to find in an urban environment. The buildings displayed historic architecture, the people were extremely friendly, and the town was beautiful from its views of the harbor to the cobblestone streets. We lucked out. The day when we explored the town was having the “Fells Point Fair.” It had everything one could ask for in a festival… good food, stands with free souvenirs, a concert in town center and loads of people from all over who were eager to have a good time. It is funny being exposed to society after being at sea for extended periods of time. You tend to remember the luxuries of being ashore, and realize that they aren’t all that is important to your happiness. For example, I got a chance to see a TV for the first time in a month and I wasn’t that excited. I have learned to connect more with the natural world, and now other forms of entertainment are of less significance. As we got underway later that evening, I felt a little disappointed. It was bittersweet to leave but I was also optimistic about our future voyage. In every port the experiences are unique and they just seem to get better. I am definitely looking forward to what comes next.

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