10/31/12 - Ashley Hall School Sails Charleston

Ashley Hall School Sails Charleston

Watch C: Eliza, Mary Hope, Heather and Nella Gray

Today we got on the boat. We learned about knots, boat terms, and parts of the boat. We did boat checks and how to plot location on charts. We sat on the bowsprit. When we were on bow watch we used nonverbal communication across long distances. When we were on the boat we saw many pods of dolphins. ALL together we raised more than 2,000 pounds of sail. Overall the day has been adventurous and educational.

Watch B Report (Mary Grace, Maya, Lani, Hannah, and Alex):

The bowsprit was our favorite part of the day. Tying knots was a thrill. We learned that each knot has a different purpose. The dolphins would come really close to the ship and showed off their jumping skills.

Watch A Report (Elise, Lillie, Julia, Elizabeth, and Peggy): Today, at the beginning we raised the sails, then two people did watch on the bow and the rest of our group did a boat check. We learned about the different lines, including halyards and sheets. We tied knots and ate brownies, the good was really good. We went and sat on the bowsprit, where we talked about fears and how to overcome them. We learned about the bilges - they are in the 4 peak, fo'c'sle, fishhold, engine room, main salon, and lazerette. Our favorite parts were going on the bowsprit, knots, helm, tour of the ship and bow watch.