10/29/11 - Bracing for the Nor'Easter

Bracing for the Nor'Easter

Seems a bit unfair but what can you do? It is the end of October in the Northeast so anything is possible, even snow. Thankfully we weren't planning a big Halloween party on board so we're okay with 30 knot winds, sleet, freezing rain, and snow this weekend.

Roseway came out of yard looking fabulous, and made it back to Boston mid week only to have to turn around and go back to Gloucester for another haul out. Seems we were taking on water uncomfortably quickly. It was a quick fix to some butts on the port side and all was well. 24-hours later we were back in Boston.

This morning, after a quick look at the weather forecast we left our home at Fan Pier Marina and headed inland to Rowes Wharf--a snug corner where we can hole up and hide from the beating northerlies. Here we will continue with projects for our last week in Boston, preparing to head south on Saturday. We're pretty cozy here but not at all psyched at the prospect of shoveling snow off the deck!

Happy Halloween!