10/28/10 - We Need You Now. We Really Do!

We Need You Now. We Really Do!

Lately we've posted and sent around a lot of great photos of kids engaged in Roseway programs, inspiring quotes from teachers, parents and students about their experiences onboard, and laundry lists of all the things we've accomplished this past year. All great stuff and we're proud to share it. But as it is nearing November and the end of our fiscal year, let’s get down to brass tacks. There are questions you may be asking as you consider a gift to World Ocean School. So here are some answers:

1. Why World Ocean School?

Among all the great organizations that need money, why these guys, you might ask. Because World Ocean School changes the lives of kids in profound and meaningful ways, giving them a new paradigm for healthy relationships with adults, appropriate opportunities for team building and leadership development, and a positive ability for self-examination and improved self-worth. Because we serve thousands of kids from all socio-economic walks of life every year who might otherwise never have an adventure like this one. Because we have the big beautiful ship with red sails that is eighty-six years old and carries with her a unique and incredible history that needs to be preserved and shared. Because no one else does what we do the way we do it with the results we get.

2. Why Give Now?

Perhaps you're wondering why the urgency today. Don't nonprofits always need funds? Yes, this is true but unless it's for a special goal or event, World Ocean School has only one formal appeal each year. It is our year-end appeal – this one right now – that is most important to us. October through December is crunch time at World Ocean School – we're designing new programs, signing new contracts, stocking up on gear and program supplies, writing grants, reaching out to students and schools, and taking care of Roseway , our sole educational platform. The time is now because we put your money to work immediately getting these kids lined up and the programs built so that when the new year begins, we don’t leave kids waiting on the dock. And don’t forget, World Ocean School is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization so your gift is completely tax deductible and that’s another good reason to give before the year ends.

3. What is Your Contribution Used For?

Everyone should ask this question before donating to any organization so we're glad you're asking. The simple answer is, your money is used to enable kids to participate in World Ocean School programs and to keep Roseway preserved for this purpose. There are no hidden agendas here. We work primarily with underserved populations and that means these kids can't pay. We get a portion of the costs covered by a contract with the Department of Education and another portion covered by the few programs we do that serve full paying students, but the rest comes from you. And when it does come from you, here’s how we spend it:

82% of revenue is spent on programs

9% of revenue is spent on fundraising

9% of revenue is spent on administration

The simple answer to the question is, contributions are used for providing Roseway programs to kids who need them most.

In conclusion . . .

When Jaleesah, a 14 year-old from St. Croix who had to grow up way too fast, tells us: "I’m having more fun than I have ever had in my life. Onboard the Roseway I’ve met new friends and done things I thought I would never do," then we know we're doing something right. She is only one of thousands and we intend to inspire every one of them.

We are so grateful to each and every one of you because along with the kids themselves who we watch every day, it’s your support that tells us we’re on the right track.

Thank you for helping us in whatever way you can, right now.

Visit us online to make a gift, call our office, or mail a check to World Ocean School, P.O. Box 501, Camden, ME 04843.