10/25/09 - It's That Time of Year

It's That Time of Year

Birds do it, not sure about bees, but Roseway certainly does it. Head south that is. This afternoon at approximately 2pm EST Roseway dropped lines at the courthouse dock in Boston and set her sails. Leaving the harbor she was doing about 8 knots headed southeast. Bermuda is the goal by sometime end of the week. With a crew of 16 on board including three captains (how many cooks are supposed to be in the kitchen??) one cook, two voyage passengers, and a motley assortment of sailors (or soon to be sailors).

And since we value our history with such fervor, we have also hearkened back to the days when Roseway actually carried cargo (fish). In our fishhold we have, among other things, the usual two 5' palm trees, two antique chairs, four 12 foot ancient Chinese panels, two sea chests, two mirrors, four paintings, two ceramic pots, an Asian desk, a civil war era shot gun, and a partridge in a pear tree. Not really on that last one but everything else is "for true" as they say in St. Croix. It's all headed to World Ocean School's annual gala and fundraiser set for January in St. Croix. May it all raise a lot of money because it sure raised a lot tempers getting it stuffed in the hold.

So while this year winds down in New England, it's just begun for World Ocean School. Stay tuned--we're back at sea!