10/22/14 - The First Long Passage

The First Long Passage

By Andrew Edwards

Reflections from our first long passage: Norfolk VA to Savannah GA

Spending 5 days on the water and not being able to see land is an experience like no other. As you look out over the empty horizon you feel as if you, the ship and the others with you are the only ones on the planet. Occasional ships passed by, reassuring that we were not the only people alive. Dolphins also swam by, welcoming our company and putting on a show every so often. As I stood on deck at 2100 watching the moon slowly rise above the horizon, dolphins began to put on a surreal aerial show as their silhouettes danced in the moon light. Never before have I seen anything as comparable to that almost unimaginable sight that I luckily witnessed. The sea is full of surprises, and I wonder what more can I expect from the unpredictable ocean?

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